NASCAR @ Pocono

Hi I’m Clance’s daughter (happygrl) and I will be writing the astro predictions for Pocono this week because her server is down and dictating over the phone, so here we go….

Its raining in Oregon, Idaho, and in Pocono, so heres the scopes if it dosen’t rain out. There is a moon wobble today (moon void of course) so anything can happen

1. Kyle Busch- scope very good, very aggressive
2.Tony Stewart- very good, very aggressive, near perfect day
3. Zoomin Newman the Rocket Man- perfection in motion, unless his engine blows up
4. Jeff Gordon- DNF(mom made that up he’ll do good)
5. Jimmie Johnson-good scope, Chad scope bad
6. Kevin Harvick- ups and downs challenging day
7. Denny Hamlin- HOT
8. Jaun Pablo Montoya- might wreck (imagine that)
9. Kurt Busch- best stay away from Tony
10. David Stremme- cute
11. JJ Yeley- fast
12. Greg Biffle- BIFF!
13. Martin Truex Jr.- top 10, he gets better equipment now
14. Dale Jr.- struggles but will overcome, has to use Martins old equipment now
15. Matt Kenseth- determined to kick some butt
16. The guy who’s driving Kyle Petty’s car while he is behind the mic.- top 10
17. Bobby Labonte- handsome for an old man
18. Kasey Kahne- will use wrigleys gum instead of duct tape to hold his car together- he should be prayin for a rain out
19. Casey Mears- outstanding scope
20. Carl Edwards- hangin w/ BIFF!

Sorry if I forgot anyone this is all the patience I have to do it over the phone. Mom says “Tally Ho! Onward LugNutZ!”
GO HARVICK!! Lets have a great race!! happygrl


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