NASCAR Alien “Graduates”

“I kind of feel like I’m graduating. I’m excited about my future, and I know a lot of opportunities await because of what everyone at Hendrick did for me — on the track and off.” ~ Kyle Busch
But where do we send the grad gifts?

So…Jr. chooses Hendricks. Good. I am glad. I hope the whole Hendricks Hater thing slowly passes away and Jr. will be the peace maker. Good choice.
I think Kyle should take the korn Flake car and go to DEI 🙂
Enough said for now. Sorry Helen and Gloria. I must continue the Alien saga, no matter where they go. Others know that Aliens are among us…

The headline “New World Order” over at struck me as being rather sinister…fits right in with the Alien Conspiracy tho… The Aliens will never rule!! Never!!


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  1. Can we still not like HMS, at least until Jr gets there? 🙂

    I figured a Jr at HMS thing would happen during the Mecury retrograde. Close to it.

    Aliens! The Busch brothers are aliens trying to beam alien thoughts from another planet into our brains. And no grad gift from me for the younger alien.

  2. This is why I like drivers not owners. I don’t really care who pays the bills.

  3. LOL! Helen! We know you love little Kyle! But where will he go?

  4. I don’t know. I’ll let you be the soothsayer, Clance’. LOL I was wrong about Junior.

  5. Did you see my thought on what Dale Sr. thinks?

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