Jeff Gordon and Ingrid Vandebosch’s Daughter Ella Sophia’s Natal Profile


For Ella Sofia Gordon
May your life be Blessed with Love and Light, Sweet little one…Welcome!!
Born on 20 June 2007 local time 9:09 am in New York, NY (US) U.T. 13:09
74w00, 40n43 sid. time 02:06:29

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Gemini 28°50’54 in house 11 direct
Moon Virgo 6°26’21 in house 2 direct
Mercury Cancer 10°50’41 in house 11 retrograde
Venus Leo 13°40’44 end of house 12 direct
Mars Aries 26°50’22 in house 9 direct
Jupiter Sagittarius 13°05’37 in house 5 retrograde
Saturn Leo 21°17’01 in house 1 direct
Uranus Pisces 18°41’19 in house 8 stationary (R)
Neptune Aquarius 21°51’04 in house 7 retrograde
Pluto Sagittarius 27°36’33 in house 5 retrograde
True Node Pisces 9°42’41 in house 8 retrograde
Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

House positions (Placidus)Ascendant Leo 14°02’11
2nd House Virgo 5°21’07
3rd House Libra 1°34’12
Imum Coeli Scorpio 3°51’50
5th House Sagittarius 10°01’23
6th House Capricorn 14°25’20
Descendant Aquarius 14°02’11
8th House Pisces 5°21’07
9th House Aries 1°34’12
Medium Coeli Taurus 3°51’50
11th House Gemini 10°01’23
12th House Cancer 14°25’20

Major aspectsSun Sextile Moon 7°35
Sun Sextile Mars 2°01
Sun Sextile Saturn 7°34
Sun Trine Neptune 7°00
Sun Opposition Pluto 1°14
Sun Sextile Medium Coeli 5°01
Moon Sextile Mercury 4°24
Moon Square Jupiter 6°39
Moon Trine Medium Coeli 2°35
Mercury Quincunx Jupiter 2°15
Venus Trine Jupiter 0°35
Venus Conjunction Ascendant 0°21
Mars Trine Saturn 5°33
Mars Sextile Neptune 4°59
Mars Trine Pluto 0°46
Jupiter Square Uranus 5°36
Jupiter Trine Ascendant 0°57
Saturn Quincunx Uranus 2°36
Saturn Opposition Neptune 0°34
Neptune Sextile Pluto 5°45
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

Your sun sign is Gemini. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant, the rising sign, is in Leo, and your Moon is in Virgo.

Leo Rising
You like to be the center of attention, to appear strong, confident and dominant, even if something is bothering you.

You like to be the leader, and you can be a good one as long as you remember that leadership is a responsibility as well as power and privilege.

You can be stubborn, especially if your pride is involved. You are idealistic, and people have to prove to you that they have integrity.

You like to have rich and elegant things that you can show off to others. But remember that just because something impresses people, it is not necessarily good. You need to learn the difference.

Others may or may not see you as beautiful or handsome, but as you grow up you will develop a regal bearing that will make others feel that you are dependable. Many people will like you, and most will also respect you.

Sun in Gemini

Your mind is very quick and agile, and you are curious to know the answer to every question as quickly as possible.

You like to travel and see new sights. You quickly get tired of whatever you are used to and want to trade it for something different.

You enjoy games, especially ones that require you to match wits with someone else.

Your moods change very quickly, and you don’t spend a great deal of time being unhappy or sad. All it takes to make you feel better is to have something new and interesting to do.

You may become very fond of books and reading, or you may prefer to learn by talking with others.

Sun in the Eleventh House

You are very social and enjoy being with friends rather than by yourself. You try to find out and emphasize what you and someone else have in common, instead of getting caught up in differences. You are a team player who knows how to make the best possible contribution to the workings of the group. You are quite capable of being a leader, because you understand what is best for all of you, not just yourself, and you are able to get others to work with you for group goals.

You are also an idealist with high hopes for your life.

Your most positive trait is your concern for those who are close to you, as well as for people in general.

Moon in Virgo

You are a rather serious but usually cheerful person. When you realize that you have to do something, you are willing to go out and do it. You like to make things, which you may become quite good at, because you are a careful worker.

You are neat and like order around you at all times. It bothers you to have anything out of place. You are concerned with your health, and you follow the best health habits you know.

When you are with others, you keep to yourself, for you are somewhat shy. You should learn to recognize your own merits and not be so self-critical.

You like to be useful and to help other people, because it makes you feel more worthwhile. But make sure that you really want to do those favors, because if you do them unwillingly, people won’t get much out of them.

Moon in the Second House

You have a strong need for emotional security, which is reflected by the desire to own things. But you should be careful not to attach too much importance to what you own, because you may become selfish and possessive, especially if you feel insecure and afraid.

If you feel very positive and secure, you may be generous and giving, but when you feel rash and impulsive, you tend to waste money or whatever else you have.

In relationships you form strong attachments to other people, which may make you feel possessive of them. If you are willing to run the risk of losing your friends, you will actually find it easier to keep them.

Venus in Leo
You like people, and people like you as well. You are very loyal to your friends. You have a strong sense of fairness and justice, which you insist on in all your relationships. For your love is very strongly mixed with pride.

Another side of this aspect is that you may pick friends who make you look good in some way. But be careful not to overlook those who are equally worthy but not so well known.

In relationships, you will have to learn to compromise with other people’s desires. You cannot have your own way all the time, and as you get older, you will understand the positive aspect of the give and take. Your basic warmth and friendliness will always make you well liked.

Venus in the First House
This is a very favorable position because it enables you to make a good impression on others and to be liked. You concentrate a great deal on your appearance, because you hate to look sloppy. You may develop some artistic talent, which will be furthered by your sense of form and design.

You work very hard to get along with others, and you usually try to win arguments with diplomacy and tact rather than force. You must learn to be self-assertive when necessary and to stand up for your rights, forcefully if need be. You can give the world much beauty, and you will present it most effectively if you learn to combine charm with strength.

Note: Venus is technically near the end of house 12 and is therefore interpreted in house 1.

Venus Conjunct Ascendant
You are probably a very appealing person, and you will always have the ability to charm people, which can be very useful, but you will have to learn how to use it well.

First of all, you should not turn on the charm when you don’t feel positive about someone. People will quickly recognize when you are sincere and when you are only trying to use them.

You may also tend to use your charm to get ahead, when you should depend on real ability. Develop your talents instead of smiling your way through life.

You want harmony around you at all times, which is very useful and positive, but you will have to learn not to compromise on issues that are very important to you.

When you are an adult you will be very good at working with people and making them feel good.

Mars in Aries

You are a very independent and self-assertive person.

You prefer to act on your own and set your own pace without waiting for people who work more slowly. Also you like to be the first to take up a new activity.

You have no desire to impose your will on your friends, as long as they don’t try to force their ways on you. However, you enjoy competition when someone offers a challenge. You get angry quite quickly, but you also cool off quickly and don’t hold a grudge.

Obviously your greatest problem is learning to cooperate with others. You must learn to give in now and then.

You are also inclined to be rash and impulsive and to act without thinking. If you take time to be careful, you will have little difficulty.

Mars in the Ninth House

You are strongly attached to your own point of view, and if challenged, you will fight very hard for your opinions. You are much more likely to fight for an ideal than for yourself. On one hand, you can be quite self-righteous and narrowly fanatical about your beliefs, but you can also be courageous in defending the rights of those who are downtrodden.

You don’t get involved just at the mental level; you act on your beliefs. Try not to get so wrapped up in your own views that you won’t even consider someone else’s.

As you get older, you may want to travel around and see quite a bit of the world, which would be a good experience for you.

Congratulations to Jeff and Ingrid. The two of you and God created a marvelous, miraculous little being, who will keep your hands full as she grows. She’s a star baby with some very strong aspects.
Cherish her, love her (like that’s not possible) and good luck! Jeff should be revved for Sonoma.
** I knew she would be born before the race….so was she induced or not? LOL. That surely is what I would have done, I must admit.

My prayer and affirmation for Jeff and Ingrid:
Caring for my family and community, I give and receive abundant blessings.
As a creation of God, I care about all God’s creation. This beautiful planet filled with creatures and landscapes, people and resources requires the attentive, loving care of its inhabitants. And my understanding of my own role as a caregiver is growing daily.
Looking at my corner of the world, I see plenty of opportunities to be a good steward. Within my own home, along streets and sidewalks, within my family and community, there are things that I can do to make life better for everyone.
I think of the moments I spend taking care of someone close to me or taking care of my community as times when I am giving from the love of God within my heart. In caring for God’s creation, I am giving and also receiving abundant blessings.
Blessed Be!!
Tally Ho! A new Adventure! Cheers!



  1. Congratualtions! On the new baby. I was so interssted in the pregnancy as soon as I found out about Ingrid being pregnant! Every day since the middle of June I would ask my mom or dad, ” did Ingrid have the baby today?” and the answer was always “not today.” I am so happy for the both of you. I am glad that Ella is healthy, and I look forward to watching her grow!.

    Congratulations! and God Bless all 3 of you!


  2. […] For those of you who have not yet seen little Ella’s Natal Chart yet (That post has had more traffic than any other post I have ever done.) you can read it here. […]

  3. Jeff and Ingrid have now posted pictures of Baby Ella at

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