Juan Pablo Montoya take Sonoma ~ John Paul, The Pope of Motorsports wins again!

Need I say anything else…
And She bows…
I kneel in humility to the Pope of Motorsports..,.
In the name of the Gilstrap Brothers… and Robby Gordon…Amen.

OOOH…Laaaaalaaaaa: I know that might be French but I must ask my husband who is fluent in Spanish and very Latino jealous of my obsession with JPM says”:
You are wrong.
It should be said:
Ella arquea… el gran Juan Pablo que Montoya ha probado que él es el papa de Motorsports. Él gana. Otra vez.
Oh! Yes! I agree.

He proved that, yes..JPM is a Champion. He is.I may have also sucked down a glass or two too much Merlot. Yup. I deserved it. My Tony did fairly well too, didn’t he?
The most impressive performance above all? Jeff Gordon. Wow. Congrats to all.
Dale Jarrett even finished the race running. WOW!! YAY!!
robby.jpgThere is nothing I love more than a road race, tho I was sick for Robby. What a performance. Yes… He will and always will be my driver, when it comes to a road race. Great job Robby. You proved that you also have what it takes to prove your worth ( as if it is needed) in a major NA$CAR race.
Way to go.



  1. Hi Clance’, Thanks for the predictions. But concerning Sunday . . . the wrong man won on a (UGH!!!) road course. 🙂

  2. I work diligently to follow the scopes, which I am hopeless at, and now you start throwing Spanish at me? Just don’t do the scopes in Espanol, por favor.
    JPM did what he had to do – and he did it in a Ganasse Dodge to boot. Very impressive.

    Robby needed some luck. He had plenty of talent.

  3. Babelfish.com, baby.
    Now you went and gave me an idea. Way to go.
    Yes Helen Robby should have won, but we knew JPM the Pope of Motorsports was out there to kick butt. It is what he does. Spectacular run for him.

  4. Robbie Gordon – no favorite of mine, stupid, sit-in-the sink man LOL – has paid his dues, unlike the talented rookie who won.

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