NASCAR Journalism??

Dear Marc, my favorite person in The Phillipines:

She can’t come into the present. She gets paid to write, unlike those of us who just do our own kind of blabbing.
I agree with you on this post
So much that I am glorifying your infamous way of words for my post.

Personally I think Knaus and Letarte should recieve some big buck bonus everytime they come up with a new creative engineering concept and get caught. Double the $$ if they don’t.



  1. Thanks for tha accolades Clance’, but The Dude watned me Queen Jenna doesn’t take criticism very lightly.

    In fact he advised I should lay in a supply of ammo and Little Debbie cakes and wait for the siege to begin.

  2. I have a good supply of Rattlesnakes on hand right now, enough for all of us.
    If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to bring out my secret weapon, the crazy red cow with the big horns…Or her calf, who is proving to be just as nuts.
    Fire away.

  3. Maybe you’ll get lucky and escape with only a scowl from her loyal subject Jim Utter, who seems to take great delight in pointing out to her (since she doesn’t regularly read blogs, y’know) every blasphemous word I utter (unintentional pun) against her…

    Then again, when I asked her to send a note of encouragement to a friend going through some rough times, she immediately did so.

    I’m still not seeing any Christmas card exchange this year, alas. Maybe a nice fruitcake that’s been handed down from generation to generation…

  4. You all are too much.

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