NASCAR Odds for Fantasy, Wagering and Betting

I have been amazed at the number of people who take sports betting and NASCAR odds very seriously. I have a fantasy team or two myself, some of which are doing very well, and some of which are not, depending on what system I am using. When I am in Nevada, I bet like crazy. I tend to be a very lucky gambler, no matter what I wager on. (O.K. I missed last years Cup winner by a couple points, I humbly admit, and still owe Bab’s a car.)
The system that I use Astrologically seems to be working the best for me, as long as I remember to set my teams:)

I would like to call your attention to They have a great site for taking your online NASCAR sports betting to a new level. BetUS has the most advanced and easy to use sportsbook, racebook and online gambling interface in the business. As the BetUS website says:”You’ll enjoy loads of free sports picks, sports betting articles, wagering advice, free contests and unmatched membership benefits – we’ll help put you ahead of the game before you even start playing.”

BetUS is not just the best for NASCAR Odds and NASCAR Betting. They are the best that I have seen.They offer stats and odds on all Sports, plus Casino and Poker.
BetUS has an amazing site, with an amazing amount of information. I am impressed. is currently running a “Sponsorship Campaign”, targeting niche racing sites and sports blogs. If you are interested in a possible sponsorship opportunity, ( not just NASCAR, any sports blog) contact me and I will forward your email address to the BetUS PR.



  1. No betting for me. That would require logic. Are NASCAR and logic even related? Go Tony!!!

  2. I love nascar

  3. Nascar is great, really exiting. I never been to Betus before thjought thanks for the heads up, i’ll check it out.

  4. DId you have Tony Stewart last night in the ALL STAR Challenge?


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