The Bathtub Test

It doesn’t hurt to take a hard look at yourself from time to time, and evidently, my daughter thought it was my turn and sent me this:

During a visit to the mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director what the criteria was which defined whether or not a patient should be institutionalized.

“Well,” said the Director, “we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub.”

“Oh, I understand,” said the visitor. “A normal person would use the bucket because it’s bigger than the spoon or the teacup.”

“No.” said the Director, “A normal person would pull the plug.
Would you like a bed near the window?”



Tony Stewart kisses The Bricks once more!


SO….Tony won the Brickyard again. That’s my boy!!
However, I, not being able to tell time correctly or figure out the difference between time zones, was chasing cattle back into the pastures they were supposed to be in, (after some punk ass thought it would be funny to open all the gates in the canyon and let everyones cattle mingle) missed the friggin race. Those kids thought they caused some problems for a couple of people…they are really in trouble now. Dead meat. I missed my driver win the most important win he could get, other than Homestead at the end of the Chase. Way to go JP the Pope of Motorsports too!
Oh…well. $%#$%), @*%&@(#$
Tally Ho. Ho-ho.


Lafferty Motorsports of Concord, NC is pleased to announce that Matt Poole of Pittsville, MD drove to a 12th place finish driving the Lafferty Motorsports Street Stock Chevrolet Monte Carlo in the Street Stock Division, in Matt’s very first race on Saturday, July 21st, 2007. The race took place at one of racing’s most famous short tracks, Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, NC. Lafferty Motorsports fields an entry in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, the ARCA Remax Series, as well as Late Models and Street Stocks. Lafferty Motorsports is a subsidiary of Lafferty Engine Creations, a nationally recognized leader in combustion technology. LEC is known for being one of the best engine building companies in NASCAR.

Lafferty Motorsports, through the guidance of Chris Lafferty and his crew, is giving Matt Poole his introduction into racing through their Driver Development program. Matt Poole is “living his dream” of being a race car driver, with a unique approach to the opportunity. Matt is honoring the memory of loved ones lost. His mother, Peggy Poole passed away from a sudden heart attack in January, 2003. More recently, in May of 2005, one of his dearest friends, Tonya Schultz, was brutally murdered by her husband, who killed her in front of their two young children. After enduring these tragedies in his life, Matt began to actively pursue his dream of racing. He has dedicated any potential race winnings to be donated to the American Heart Association in his mother’s memory, and to the Victory Junction Gang Camp in Tonya’s memory. The donations will be made on behalf of Matt, and his car owner Chris Lafferty, and potential sponsors.

Matt began his testing back in February of this year, and has steadily progressed in his speeds and lap times.

“We didn’t set the world on fire, but the main goals were to finish the race, and finish with the car in one piece” Matt said after the race. “We were a little off the pace, but I was running against guys who have been doing this for years. Of course I was nervous at the beginning because I wanted to have a good first race, but all that went away after the green flag waved and we got through that first lap”

Car owner Chris Lafferty was also pleased with Matt’s first outing in his car. “I look at this as a milestone not only for Matt, but for Lafferty Motorsports as well” said Chris. “Matt worked hard for four and a half years to get to this point, and I was proud to be a part of it. Matt will only get better as we run races in the future. Now that we have that first race under our belts, we hope this will attract marketing partners and sponsors for future races”

The next step for Matt Poole and Lafferty Motorsports will be more testing in the off season, to improve Matt’s skills in preparation for the 2008 racing season. “It took me a long time to get to this point, and I am looking forward to the next race” said Matt. “I hope now we can bring sponsors on board that can be proudly promoted by myself and Lafferty Motorsports. Somewhere up there, I know Mom and Tonya are smiling”.

Potential sponsors are cordially invited to visit Matt Poole’s website,, or contact Matt Poole at (410) 251 – 2877. You may also visit the Lafferty Motorsports website, or call (704) 795 – 5375 for more information on how your company can go to Victory Lane with Matt Poole.

Way to go Matt! I am proud and smiling on you too!

NASCAR Blogging Interruptus


We apologize, but this Blog was interrupted this past week by Mother Nature. It seems that She saw fit to cleanse the region (the pink spot on the map is approx. where I am) around my ranch.

fire-2.jpg She sent many, many little fire elementals to the area, and they did a very good job cleaning all the dead and dry vegetation up. They have now moved on, to another region just south of my home. They did leave me a note, that said they might be back to visit anytime, so be prepared. You can read little about these elementals here, and here . You could also run a search on OR wild fires, read all the news, and assume our ranch is right in the middle of it all. To get a better idea of how big our place is, we have 1750 acres surrounding the house, barn, outbuidlings and corrals. It’s all grass, sagebrush and juniper. We also have 300 acres of timber on the top of the mountain, and 99,000 acres of leased BLM land. We are in the middle of a steep canyon, and get stange micro bursts of air elementals (wind~ 30 – 70 MPH) that blow up and then die off several times a day. To give you an idea of how much strength the air elementals have…Well, it tore the roof off my porch the other day. The air elementals like to help the fire elementals clean up faster, by picking them up, and spreading them around. Everywhere. They did spare our place and cattle, although I must say, it was somewhat scary.

This picture, taken from space, by NASA, will give you an idea of how determined these little guys are.

Mother Nature sure has her own way of showing us how little power we truly have over our life on occasion, doesn’t she?


I told Marc once that I would rather deal with our snow, than his typhoons.
A good typhoon would be welcome in
Ea. Or-ee-gun not Ar-uh-GONE right now.
Fat chance of that happening, huh?

I think this is sort of funny. Like we get local radio up here. Mouth to mouth is how we keep up with emergency warnings.

The American Red Cross encourages everyone to follow the steps listed below to protect your family, home and property:
• If you are warned that a wildfire is threatening your area, listen to a battery-operated radio for reports and evacuation information. Follow the instructions of local officials.

• Back your car into the garage or park it in an open space facing the direction of escape. Shut doors and roll up windows.
(** Clance’ says: Yeah, right. Like there is a direction of escape)

• Confine pets to one room. Make plans to care for your pets in case you must evacuate.
(** And the pet sitter’s phone number in our area is?)

• Arrange temporary housing at a friend or relative’s home outside of the threatened area.
(**????? What!!?? When the freeway and all major and minor highways and roads are closed, just how do you do that?)

Listen to local radio stations for the location of Red Cross Shelter/Information Center.

If advised to evacuate, do so immediately. Wear protective clothing, take a disaster supplies kit, lock your home, tell someone where you are going and choose a route away from fire hazards. Watch for changes in the speed and direction of fire and smoke.

(**Need I say more??)

Congrats to Reed Sorenson for winning the Busch race!
I almost forgot the Brickyard is coming up this next weekend…NASCAR, for some odd reason, has just not been at the top of my priority list 🙂

Tally Ho! Onward!!

NASCAR ~ Tony Stewart wins at Chicago!!



“Bet you’re fat butt I can beat you…”
Yup…that’s my driver.

NASCAR ~ Astro-Predictions for Chicago

Here are the driver’s with the most pertinent ‘scopes for the Chicago race:

Ryan Newman, born 8 December 1977

Today during the day this influence brings about pleasant feelings between you and everyone around you. It is a good time for being with friends or out having a good time. You enjoy everyone around you and they enjoy you. Similarly you will enjoy good food and drink now, try not to overindulge. During this time you will tend to take things into yourself, so it is easy to rejoice about everything in your life. You need beautiful surroundings, and you have worked to get them. This is a good time for love relationships.
This is a time when your efforts to liberate yourself from unnecessary and inhibiting restrictions start to succeed. Your life may take a new tack that represents a radically new direction for you. If you are prepared and have consciously tried to bring about this situation, this will be a very good time, for you will be able to act with more freedom and self-determination. But you can expect considerable resistance from others, and it will not be easy. Keep working, for your efforts to expand and liberate your life are not finished.
With the ingress of Venus into your sign,sign the general quality of relationships and dealing with others changes according to the new sign. This also affects the way people approach each other and how they enjoy themselves. Art and culture take on a new colouring. On another level, the general ways of dealing with finances, values and resources tend to take on a different quality.
Since Venus belongs to the so-called personal planets with a relatively short period of revolution around the Sun, these general trends may not be perceived as very obvious.

Tony Stewart, born 20 May 1971

Today during the day you should have a very strong sense of well-being. Your inner self is functioning harmoniously, and you do not feel emotional turmoil or strife. At the same time you are most contented with the familiar elements of your life. You enjoy being at home with relatives and friends, and you like being surrounded by the objects you are used to. You are not in the mood for adventures, challenges and major changes, nor is it necessary to be so. There will be other times for adventure. Now you should restore and rejuvenate yourself in peace and quiet. Physical comfort is especially important to you at this time, but it doesn’t have to be lavish. Your need is for a comfortable environment that seems supportive. You want to be surrounded by whatever you feel protects you.

Denny Hamlin, born 18 November 1980

Today you may have to encounter and even oppose powerful pressures and forces exerted upon you, both from without and from within. The way you live and exert your energies will be tested today, perhaps forcing you to make radical changes in the areas of your life that you find are not working very well. The best way to use this influence is to let go of old patterns of behavior that today’s events demonstrate to be invalid. Holding on to them will only make your life more difficult, and if you give them up, you will have room for the positive creative changes that can take place now. Also you may have to contend with the breakdown of machines or situations. Anything that tends not to function very smoothly will work very poorly today. It is time to straighten out the situation or fix up the mechanical problem.

Mark Martin, born 9 January 1959

Mark’s Venus is Trine Saturn starting on Friday and is in effect until early Oct.:
You are satisfied with reliable, stable relationships at this time and do not make unrealistic demands on others. You recognize that your loved ones are human, and you ask only that they live up to their obligations and you will do the same in return. This is a good time to discuss any problems that may have arisen with a relationship, because your sense of reality is strong and you can be objective. Relationships that begin under this influence are characterized by sobriety and stability. They may not be demonstrative, but there is a steadiness of feeling that enables them to survive when others fail. Often such a relationship occurs because of practical rather than romantic considerations, but this does not weaken it.

Kasey Kahne, born 10 April 1980

This is probably the most agreeable influence of all in its effect upon your mood and in the way it makes your life work. It is extremely good for all types of relationships, whether professional, personal, social or intimate. You feel optimistic, eager and outgoing, warm and friendly to everyone you meet. This time is also lucky financially. You may have a sudden windfall, although this is not the usual manifestation. You are inclined to indulge yourself and to spend money, especially on lavish or beautiful objects. In many respects, self-discipline is at an all-time low at this time, but it usually is not needed. Celebrations held at this time are unusually successful, for you at least, as is any kind of entertaining or social occasion. This will be due partly to your infectious good mood.

Jamie McMurray, born 3 June 1976

Venus Trine Chiron went in to Jamie’s ‘scope on July 13 and is in effect until the end of Oct. Last weeks win at Daytona is a fine example of how strong and lucky this influence is. It was just coming in…See what happened already? He came back to win by a hair after being black flagged, and the influence was just starting to throw it’s light upon him:

This influence can bring with it a deeply satisfying, liberating experience; perhaps you will simply enjoy yourself with more gusto and freedom than usual and take pleasure in life. There may be a very meaningful encounter during this time – with your partner, someone close to you, or someone whom you have never met before. This encounter will be so deep and personal that you will have the opportunity to perceive and possibly even discuss things about yourself that you have preferred to suppress up to now, and not reveal to anyone. Thus, you have the chance to behave differently and, for once, to act out of character and acknowledge your injury or sensitivity, without having to fear being hurt or rejected once more.

Kevin Harvick, born 8 December 1975

This morning the quality of time arouses an independent and rebellious spirit in you. You are inclined to do exactly the opposite of what someone suggests and to reject whatever others say simply because they said it. For the same reasons you are impatient with restraints, duties and responsibilities. There is a great need to be free and to do something very different, maybe even a little bit wild. You have a strong craving for excitement with this influence, and you may act in ways that you would never consider in a more sober mood. This could be either good or bad, of course, depending on how conservative you usually are and how unusual or outrageous the action. For some people this can be a very liberating influence. For others it is a bit too much.

Greg Biffle, born 23 December 1969
Mars in the 2nd House in effect until the end of Aug.

At this time you are inclined to identify your ego with what you own and what you value. You may consider your financial position to be a sign of your personal worth. If you have money, you feel that you are a good person. If you don’t, you feel bad and discouraged, quite aside from anything you have accomplished. You act as if you are what you have. You may become overly touchy about your beliefs, opinions and desires in some area and get into arguments about their merit or worth. On the other hand, you are willing to use your possessions to get work done. If you have something that can help you accomplish a task, you will use it. Once you have got over petty ego problems with your possessions, you will allow others to use what you have, so long as they acknowledge your willingness to share.

Carl Edwards, born 15 August 1979

This influence confers patience and willingness to do difficult and exacting work. Therefore, this is a good time to do any work that you have to keep on plugging at, even though it isn’t rewarding. If this influence comes during a period that is otherwise difficult, it guarantees that for the moment at least you will be able to cope with your situation, no matter how difficult it becomes. Intellectual or physical work that requires perseverance and great attention to detail is favored by this influence. Also, this influence will help you get to know yourself better. The close attention to detail that characterizes your way of seeing now will help you see yourself and your own reactions very clearly.
This morning your rational and logical mind is going to be strongly influenced by your moods, which could be either positive or negative, depending on other factors. For this reason it is not the best time to make a decision. But it is a good time to gather information that you can later base a decision on, especially information on how you really feel about some matter.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., born 10 October 1974
This influence can signify a critical time in your communications with the people around you, particularly those with whom you are intimately involved. The danger is that your feelings and emotions will overwhelm your rational intellect, making your thinking so subjective that no one else will be able to relate to what you say. Nevertheless you have a strong need to communicate about your emotions. You should avoid dealing with controversy by changing your own views every time someone disagrees with them. You will tend now to change your views according to the prevailing wind, but this may result in compromising yourself if the people you have “agreed” with compare viewpoints. However, it is natural for your opinions to be in a state of flux at this time. Just be honest about admitting it. There could well be a very painful argument if you react in an unconsidered manner at this time. Without warning one word leads to another until you suddenly show yourself to be hard and hostile in order to cover up one of your own weaknesses. In this way you can hurt your partner, a friend, or someone else to whom you are close, so that you greatly reproach yourself afterwards. That is why it is important at this time to be careful during all interactions with people who are close to you. If you remain aware of your feelings and reactions during all personal contacts, you will certainly recognize the situation described above – before it occurs.

Martin Truex JR, born 29 June 1980

Today, there are practically no transits of the swift moving planets to your natal chart – perhaps a good opportunity to go back to the long- ranging influences still effective at the moment. Of course it would make just as much sense to look ahead in order to prepare for the next long-term transit.
If you have a secret wish or an intention that you have been wanting to carry out for a long time, this would be the right day for it – especially if you want to be free of all kinds of influences to do it. However, decisions taken of your own accord are not written in the stars; perhaps you just want to relax today and simply be yourself.
This is an excellent day for engaging in new activities and for making discoveries about yourself and the world around you. Your life now has an exciting quality that is not always present. Take advantage of this excitement to learn about yourself in ways that are not usually possible. Your heightened perception of your world will help you make changes with a complete understanding of how the various parts of your life are interrelated. This is a good influence for studying any discipline that can reveal new and stimulating aspects of the universe. It favors the study of science, technical disciplines, astrology or other branches of the the metaphysical and spiritual world. You want to broaden your understanding, and the more exciting your study, the more actively you will pursue it.

Robby Gordon, born 2 January 1969

Today during the day you may experience a real conflict between feelings and reason, or you may have a very fruitful dialogue about the state of your soul, either internally or with another person. In the first instance, old habits, prejudices and childhood patterns of thought are very likely to take precedence over what you usually consider reasonable; obviously this is not a good time to enter into delicate negotiations or to engage in an important discussion.
Your mind will be very stimulated today. You are fascinated by every new phenomenon that you encounter and eager for more. If you are relatively flexible, this need for excitement means that you may get bored more easily than usual. If you are not flexible, this could be a very nerve-wrecking day, full of little surprises and upsets that overtax your nerves. The plans you have made for the day may not work out at all, and the more you are counting on precisely one set of conditions to be fulfilled, the more upsetting this influence will be. Either way, the day’s tempo will be brisk. Thoughts will flash through your head at such an amazing speed that it will be difficult to keep track of them. Perhaps you should keep a tape recorder handy in order to record your ideas before they disappear.

Jeremy Mayfield, born 27 May 1969

The positive side of this influence ( Sun Square Venus) is that you will feel quite loving and affectionate to almost everyone around you. There may even be a new love relationship. Or you may feel like doing creative work, perhaps arts or crafts. The negative side is that you may be inclined to seek self- gratification in excess, that is, in a total undisciplined manner, or you may seek it at the expense of a loved one. The problem is that you probably won’t feel like doing anything that requires much effort today, so perhaps you should wait until you are in a more active mood. Avoid spending money to gratify foolish whims or monetary desires. You may have regrets in more sober moments. Be careful also of a tendency toward passivity, sitting around and waiting for something to happen or for someone else to take the first step.

Jeff Gordon, born 4 August 1971

During this time you will experience life with greater emotional intensity than usual. You will feel everything more strongly and deeply. You will want every experience that you encounter to touch your feelings, and they probably will. Your relationships will be more intense, and you will seek out those that allow you to experience yourself very vividly. Although this influence does not make you feel violently aggressive, you will not allow anyone to step on your toes. You make it very clear to others exactly where their limits are in dealing with you, and you will not let them transgress those limits. You are in a fighting spirit in the positive sense, in that you will stand up for what you believe but still be reasonably tolerant of other people’s ideas.

Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975

The difficulty with this influence, Sun Square Jupiter, is that it spurs you on to do more than you can handle, to involve yourself in projects that require more energy than you have or to extend yourself beyond your resources. But this same tendency can lift you to attempt and succeed at tasks you would not usually consider possible, especially if you have been acting rather conservatively. Similarly this influence can make you generous or extravagant, depending upon your previous attitudes. You can expect some difficulties with other people under this influence, but you should be able to handle them and even win them over to your side, unless you proceed from a position of arrogant self-righteousness. Be very careful to examine the other person’s point of view and try to find a common ground for cooperation between you.

Matt Kenseth, born 10 March 1972

This morning you feel very much in harmony with yourself and able to do whatever you have to do single-mindedly. Your energies flow with less resistance, and life seems to be easier now. As a consequence, you can relate to people more easily, for others perceive your inward harmony and are drawn to you because of it. Obviously this is a good time for any kind of group activity. You are able to relate your own interests to the interests of any group you are working with, so that everyone will gain from what you do. Relations with women are also improved for the same reasons. A marriage or intimate relationship will be especially harmonious now, for this is a time of real understanding. On the physical level this harmony is expressed as a feeling of vitality, even if you may not feel driven to accomplish a great deal of work.

Kurt Busch, born 4 August 1978

This influence usually denotes a brief period of good feelings and generosity toward others. This morning you feel that everything is all right, and you have nothing to fear. You express your self-confidence by being above petty irritations. Not easily angered, you tolerate even the most harsh behavior from other people. But you probably won’t have to contend with “harsh behavior,” because the energy of this influence does not arouse it in those around you. You will get what you give – kindness, friendship and nurturing support. This influence can also awaken your concern for the deeper aspects of life. You may seek metaphysical and spiritual insights, but with your heart rather than your mind. Rational knowledge is not likely to satisfy you at this time.

Kyle Busch, born 2 May 1985
baby.jpg( By the way…After his comments this past week, I get to call him “Big Baby Busch” again.)

This is a very poor day for doing any work that requires disciplined thinking and precision. The world looks like an impressionist painting today, slightly out of focus and emphasizing large patterns of color and shadow. Work with numbers of strict logic will be especially affected. If you do this kind of work today, check it over for errors in a couple of days. Almost certainly there will be some mistakes. Communications today will be especially difficult. Even when you and another person are trying to be very clear, you may have misunderstandings. This is a poor influence for any important discussions about business or personal matters. Even if you are sure that you are speaking clearly and honestly, make sure that others are treating you the same way. Today during the day you will feel much more emotional than usual. This, of course, can be either good or bad, depending upon how you normally relate to you emotions. If you are ill at ease with your feelings, you will not consciously be aware of them. But you will relate to people in automatic ways, conditioned by habit. You will respond unconsciously to small cues put out by other persons that neither you nor they are aware of. The problem here is that you are unable to see each new moment and person afresh. On the other hand, if you can handle the emotions that are aroused, you will be able to relate to others with great feeling and empathy. This influence is excellent for occasions when you and another person must relate at a very deep, intense level.

Michael Waltrip, born 30 April 1963

During this time you should avoid rash and impulsive actions, for they will alienate others, create enemies and in the long run undermine your own interests. Your ego energies run rather high now, but in such a way that you are likely to assert yourself inappropriately. You may issue completely unnecessary challenges to the people around you. Most frequently you express this feeling as irritability, excessive impatience with others’ actions, argumentativeness and general touchiness. This is a good time for getting work done, if you can control your impulsive behavior. Any task that requires sheer physical energy with little finesse or attention to detail is excellent, because it allows you to work off energy without suppressing the natural impulsiveness and exuberance of this influence.

Bobby Labonte, born 8 May 1964

This is a time for serious thinking and important concerns. You feel you must deal with practical matters and keep your mind at work. You are not inclined to play at games or trivial amusements, not because you are depressed, only serious. Your mind works quite well under this influence, and you will be able to keep at a task until you have solved all its problems. You are also able to concentrate on mental work that requires great attention to detail. Your eye is sharp for the little pieces that make up the whole, and you are as concerned about them as you are about the whole structure. As a result, the work you do today will be done very carefully and thoroughly. This is a good time to organize yourself and your environment, especially if the organization has to be detailed and involved.

David Stremme, born 19 June 1977

David’s Sun moved onto his 11th house yesterday and will affect him until mid Aug. The theme of the influence is “Cooperation”.
At this time it is usually best to work and cooperate with other people. At other times you have found it necessary to be alone in order to find out who you are and the chief purposes of your life. Now you must ask these same questions in conjunction with others. Engaging in group efforts and projects in your personal and professional life will be the most effective way to accomplish this aim. Socialize extensively and study the people you associate with, for they are a reflection of yourself. What is true of your friends is also true of you, for the most part. Among your friends, strive to establish who you are. Without becoming domineering, you should let them know what kind of person you are, so that you can fit into the group dynamic without violating your integrity.

Jeff Burton’ Sun went into his 11 house also, so his main aspect affecting him today is the same as David’s.

Casey Mears, born 12 March 1978

This is an excellent day for starting a new project, particularly one that you can work on by yourself, without having to take orders or coordinate other people’s actions. You feel very vigorous and have a high level of physical energy, so you really need to be physically active today. One of the worst ways to handle this influence is to work quietly at a desk. You would quickly become itchy and irritable as your repressed energies try to find an outlet. It is important that you can identify with whatever you do today. Your ego energies are high, and you demand to be recognized as an individual. If you are not given this recognition, you are likely to become angry and easily involved in disputes. There is no question that unless you are totally occupied, you will be much more irritable than usual today.

Juan Pablo Montoya, born 20 September 1975
The difficulty with this influence is that it spurs you on to do more than you can handle, to involve yourself in projects that require more energy than you have or to extend yourself beyond your resources. But this same tendency can lift you to attempt and succeed at tasks you would not usually consider possible, especially if you have been acting rather conservatively. Similarly this influence can make you generous or extravagant, depending upon your previous attitudes. You can expect some difficulties with other people under this influence, but you should be able to handle them and even win them over to your side, unless you proceed from a position of arrogant self-righteousness. Be very careful to examine the other person’s point of view and try to find a common ground for cooperation between you.

Joe Nemechek, born 26 September 1963

Joe’s Venus has moved into his 9th house and is in effect until early Nov. This is very favorable for his emotional well being and his private and family life.
This would be a good time to see an art exhibit that challenges your preconceived views about what is beautiful. Probably this will be entertaining rather than unsettling, and you will experience something new. Or you might go to a concert that features music entirely different from anything you have ever heard. This influence can signify a long and enjoyable pleasure trip. You will derive the most benefit from a trip to a place you have never seen before, where you can encounter something totally new. This is a fine time for a vacation. Your experience may be broadened through a loved one who shows you new things. Or something may happen that will teach you more about your relationship, not to disturb you but to increase your insight.

The race is down to the wire for the Race is ON. Enjoy Chicawwwwgo. and ‘da Bars…I mean ‘da race.

Tally Ho LugNutZ! Onward!

NASCAR’s Astrological Sunday School Lesson

I am going to explain a little bit about what is going on astrologically for tomorrows race, before I put up the ‘scopes. A little “Astrological Sunday School” lesson, shall we say.

Today’s New Moon enters Leo, and is in effect until July 17. This aspect affects all of us, therefore affecting all the driver’s, despite all other aspects. The Moon, being Void of Course again this weekend is again another signifier of influence.

Generally speaking, the Moon represents the emotional atmosphere, the mood of the people or of a society. With the Moon ingress into a new zodiac sign this mood changes according to the qualities of this sign. Since the Moon only stays in a sign for 2 – 3 days, this collective mood is rather transient.
The position of the Moon in the zodiac is also important for many people who wish to live in accordance with natural cycles. They take into account the position of the Moon for certain tasks around the house and the garden, or for issues of health and bodycare.

With the ingress of the Moon into a sign the ‘Void-of-Course’ phase of the Moon comes to an end. This marks the end of the time of reflection and rest during the Void-of-Course Moon.
Remember how I have told you that with the Moon being Void of Course, anything goes?

When the Moon makes its final aspect with another planet before it enters the next zodiac sign, a phase which we call “Moon void of Course” begins. The aspects used for the calculation of the Void of Course Moon are conjuction, opposition, square, trine and sextile. Aspects to the Moon’s Nodes, Lilith and Chiron are ignored. This phase ends with the ingress of the Moon into the next zodiac sign.

Normally,the time of Void of Course Moon is best used for taking a rest, relaxing, meditating, turning inward, or simply for enjoying oneself. In any case, this is not a good time for important decisions or actions which require a positive outcome. It is a period during which the Moon is Void of Course and adverse to important decisions and activities.

Because the Moon has been Void of Course during so many races so far this year, and will continue to be, is why I am going into a bit more detail. For those of you who can, use it for your good and take some time to yourself. If you must do something that you have committed to, expect anything except what you expected.
NEVER sign a contract when the Moon is Void of Course. If you ever want to, feel free to email me if you are needing to go into a contractual obligation and you would like to know whether the aspect is in effect or not. I am happy to help you avoid the giant mess this aspect can cause. Putting off signing anything for a day or too can never hurt you. A Moon Void of Course signing always will.