DEI, Kyle Busch and John Newsom ~ Freedom

So The Max says the announcement by the end of July….
My prediction? (**notice I didn’t say Big Baby…I am keeping my promise.) Baby Busch is moving over to Big Mama’s house.

John Newsom “The Spotter” said in his last post that he would be away for a few days. Mu-ah-ha-ha!! He said we could talk about Jr. or whatever we want or even “talk about him behind his back.”
Let’s go talk behind his back. It will be fun.
John is a great writer, one of my fav’s , with a great sense of humor, and a legend in his own right. He was one of the first “real” writer’s to ever give me a shout out when I first started blogging. Thanks John. Now I have a big mess:) John is the Assistant Sports Editor at in Greensboro N.C. If you have never read his work, run over there and take a look at his posts. While you’re there, talk behind his back.

I hope you all have a great 4th of July, and remember the reason we have our freedom. Let’s remember “Our Men” who are risking and giving all for us right now, in a place that I believe they no longer need to be.
Let’s get them home.

We will be having a “gathering” at the ranch, bringing old miner’s and ranchers together for a common cause. Freedom, food, beer, Marguerita’s and Christian Brother’s with Ginger Ale Punch.

I most likely will not feel up to writing on Thursday.

** See? I already can't talk/write:)

Happy Fourth of July and see ya Friday! Enjoy!



  1. Hi Clance’, Happy 4th of July. You might be right about My Sweet Little Kyle., but I’d like to see hin go to Richard Childress. Childress handled Dale Sr and Kevin Harvick, and he can get the most out of Kyle Busch.

  2. What… I didn’t see Roast Beast on your menu!
    Gotta problem with Beast? 🙂

    Happy Fourth anyway.

  3. The Beast’s are sacred.

  4. Go Kyle!! He has a chance for 2 wins in one day.

  5. Thanks for spamming up my comments, Clance’. You don’t have to wait till I go on vacation – spam ’em anytime!

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