NASCAR ~ Jamie McMurray wins Pepsi 400!!

Jamie McMurray won the Pepsi 400 in Daytona against one of the greatest odds ever! Wow! What a finish! What a race. Thank God no “Big One” really happened. Restrictor Plate racing scares me to death, even tho I love them. That last 8 laps were amazing.
I was sick at the accident on pit row, for David Stremme. He was driving like I said he’s going to in 2008. I mean the 2008 Sprint Cup or whatever it is going to be called. I just want the million bucks.
Great run for all the HMS boys, once again. I was surprised Big Brother didn’t help Baby Brother more than he did, but teamwork is more important than blood.
Too bad about Tony and Denny. Tony was pretty steamed, but how could anyone ever stay steamed at Denny Hamlin? I think Tony was a little out of line making the forgetting the team statement. Really bad day for Jr. Great day for Ryan even tho he wasn’t where he wanted to be at the end.
Are you ticked about the qualifying issue? Check out this site, which is petitioning NASCAR to change the rule:
Race the Fastest 43
Gotta run. I have the ’47 Willies and the lights on it are like little flashlights and I have nine miles to drive back home.


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  1. Hi Clance’,

    Although I wanted to see My Sweet Little Kyle win two in one day, and he almost did, it was cool to see Jamie win. Jamie Mc Murray is from Joplin, MO., my home town, and my sister graduated from HS with his mom.

    MSLK was fast and furious but never wreckless throughout the race. And without help from his teammates, he almost won.

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