NASCAR ~ Why all eyes should be on Ryan Newman at Chicago says: All signs for Rocketman


So do I, but for different reasons.
The New Moon is the chance we all have every month to begin again. A fresh start. It’s the time to focus on the goals of the month, and put forth your intentions.

Ryan’s win may very well come this weekend.

Here is his scope for tomorrows Busch race. I will keep his Sunday ‘scope for tomorrow.

Psychologically, this influence broadens your comprehension of any issue that you are interested in and your understanding of life in general as you encounter it today. You are concerned with the largest, most comprehensive possible view, and you are eager to incorporate new information into your way of looking at the world. At the same time you are intellectually more tolerant of other viewpoints, seeing them not as a threat to your views, but as a way of enlarging them. Your ability to see the larger view today enables you to plan with foresight. Where others see only confusion, you can see a pattern and come up with insights that will amaze others. In business or social activities you are able to organize very effectively, grouping people together so they can work most efficiently.
This is a time when your efforts to liberate yourself from unnecessary and inhibiting restrictions start to succeed. Your life may take a new tack that represents a radically new direction for you. If you are prepared and have consciously tried to bring about this situation, this will be a very good time, for you will be able to act with more freedom and self-determination. But you can expect considerable resistance from others, and it will not be easy. Keep working, for your efforts to expand and liberate your life are not finished.

Ryan’s horoscope is fascinating right now.Tomorrow, besides the New Moon taking place, Ryan’s Moon enters into his 6th House, his Moon is also trine his Natal Moon, and New Moon also happens to fall into his 6th House.

What does that mean? Well, numerologically, 6 plus 6 equals 12 tomorrow for Ryan.
Sunday’s race is even better.

I posted some investment tips I recieved today at On A Quest, if you interested. Good forecasts for some up and coming mergers.



  1. Well I have tried stats,following my heart,reading my mom’s tea leaves,opnions of my friends and gut instinct now a little astrology and numerology thrown into the fantasy record is not exactly stellar so anything to show an improvement..

    cheers and keep smiling

  2. Hi Clance’, Go Rocket Man!

  3. hoping the gremlins find someone else to toy with… ryan needs a win and i hope your prediction is accurate

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