NASCAR’s Astrological Sunday School Lesson

I am going to explain a little bit about what is going on astrologically for tomorrows race, before I put up the ‘scopes. A little “Astrological Sunday School” lesson, shall we say.

Today’s New Moon enters Leo, and is in effect until July 17. This aspect affects all of us, therefore affecting all the driver’s, despite all other aspects. The Moon, being Void of Course again this weekend is again another signifier of influence.

Generally speaking, the Moon represents the emotional atmosphere, the mood of the people or of a society. With the Moon ingress into a new zodiac sign this mood changes according to the qualities of this sign. Since the Moon only stays in a sign for 2 – 3 days, this collective mood is rather transient.
The position of the Moon in the zodiac is also important for many people who wish to live in accordance with natural cycles. They take into account the position of the Moon for certain tasks around the house and the garden, or for issues of health and bodycare.

With the ingress of the Moon into a sign the ‘Void-of-Course’ phase of the Moon comes to an end. This marks the end of the time of reflection and rest during the Void-of-Course Moon.
Remember how I have told you that with the Moon being Void of Course, anything goes?

When the Moon makes its final aspect with another planet before it enters the next zodiac sign, a phase which we call “Moon void of Course” begins. The aspects used for the calculation of the Void of Course Moon are conjuction, opposition, square, trine and sextile. Aspects to the Moon’s Nodes, Lilith and Chiron are ignored. This phase ends with the ingress of the Moon into the next zodiac sign.

Normally,the time of Void of Course Moon is best used for taking a rest, relaxing, meditating, turning inward, or simply for enjoying oneself. In any case, this is not a good time for important decisions or actions which require a positive outcome. It is a period during which the Moon is Void of Course and adverse to important decisions and activities.

Because the Moon has been Void of Course during so many races so far this year, and will continue to be, is why I am going into a bit more detail. For those of you who can, use it for your good and take some time to yourself. If you must do something that you have committed to, expect anything except what you expected.
NEVER sign a contract when the Moon is Void of Course. If you ever want to, feel free to email me if you are needing to go into a contractual obligation and you would like to know whether the aspect is in effect or not. I am happy to help you avoid the giant mess this aspect can cause. Putting off signing anything for a day or too can never hurt you. A Moon Void of Course signing always will.


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