NASCAR Blogging Interruptus


We apologize, but this Blog was interrupted this past week by Mother Nature. It seems that She saw fit to cleanse the region (the pink spot on the map is approx. where I am) around my ranch.

fire-2.jpg She sent many, many little fire elementals to the area, and they did a very good job cleaning all the dead and dry vegetation up. They have now moved on, to another region just south of my home. They did leave me a note, that said they might be back to visit anytime, so be prepared. You can read little about these elementals here, and here . You could also run a search on OR wild fires, read all the news, and assume our ranch is right in the middle of it all. To get a better idea of how big our place is, we have 1750 acres surrounding the house, barn, outbuidlings and corrals. It’s all grass, sagebrush and juniper. We also have 300 acres of timber on the top of the mountain, and 99,000 acres of leased BLM land. We are in the middle of a steep canyon, and get stange micro bursts of air elementals (wind~ 30 – 70 MPH) that blow up and then die off several times a day. To give you an idea of how much strength the air elementals have…Well, it tore the roof off my porch the other day. The air elementals like to help the fire elementals clean up faster, by picking them up, and spreading them around. Everywhere. They did spare our place and cattle, although I must say, it was somewhat scary.

This picture, taken from space, by NASA, will give you an idea of how determined these little guys are.

Mother Nature sure has her own way of showing us how little power we truly have over our life on occasion, doesn’t she?


I told Marc once that I would rather deal with our snow, than his typhoons.
A good typhoon would be welcome in
Ea. Or-ee-gun not Ar-uh-GONE right now.
Fat chance of that happening, huh?

I think this is sort of funny. Like we get local radio up here. Mouth to mouth is how we keep up with emergency warnings.

The American Red Cross encourages everyone to follow the steps listed below to protect your family, home and property:
• If you are warned that a wildfire is threatening your area, listen to a battery-operated radio for reports and evacuation information. Follow the instructions of local officials.

• Back your car into the garage or park it in an open space facing the direction of escape. Shut doors and roll up windows.
(** Clance’ says: Yeah, right. Like there is a direction of escape)

• Confine pets to one room. Make plans to care for your pets in case you must evacuate.
(** And the pet sitter’s phone number in our area is?)

• Arrange temporary housing at a friend or relative’s home outside of the threatened area.
(**????? What!!?? When the freeway and all major and minor highways and roads are closed, just how do you do that?)

Listen to local radio stations for the location of Red Cross Shelter/Information Center.

If advised to evacuate, do so immediately. Wear protective clothing, take a disaster supplies kit, lock your home, tell someone where you are going and choose a route away from fire hazards. Watch for changes in the speed and direction of fire and smoke.

(**Need I say more??)

Congrats to Reed Sorenson for winning the Busch race!
I almost forgot the Brickyard is coming up this next weekend…NASCAR, for some odd reason, has just not been at the top of my priority list 🙂

Tally Ho! Onward!!



  1. Holy Mackerel there is never a dull moment in the day where you are….my excitement for the day is chasing Milton’s dam heiffer back ove the other side of the fence before it tramples the pathetic vegetable garden I have got going…

  2. Sooo… do my eyes decieve me or do you live between Looney Spring and Old Maid? 🙂

    Anyway, good luck with St. Elmo’s “relatives,” it sucks to be you. On the other hand we still await our first Typhoon here.

  3. Perfect place for me isn’t it?

  4. […] had planned on doing a post about random drug use in NASCAR prior to the fire elementals threatening my home. Old news now. I have a pretty broad outlook and open mind. I too, believe that, in the world of […]

  5. Goodness, Clance’. This sounds awful, although the way you tell it, it’s kinda funny. Hope this week is less eventful, except for preparing for the Brickyard. 🙂

  6. love your dry humor and stoic view on this what could’ve been tragic

  7. You tell those elementals that if they don’t leave you alone, I’m gonna kick their collective asses. Be careful.

  8. you’ve had fire…texas has had rain…all we need is some locust,a plague of frogs and the rivers turning to blood and we have a day in the bible…you can use some of our water to put out your fires…half of texas is underwater..someone call noah…we got us a flood..

  9. Hope you’ll be posting soon. I’m up with Silly Season. Nobody’s sillier than me. LOL

  10. well done, bro

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