Tony Stewart kisses The Bricks once more!


SO….Tony won the Brickyard again. That’s my boy!!
However, I, not being able to tell time correctly or figure out the difference between time zones, was chasing cattle back into the pastures they were supposed to be in, (after some punk ass thought it would be funny to open all the gates in the canyon and let everyones cattle mingle) missed the friggin race. Those kids thought they caused some problems for a couple of people…they are really in trouble now. Dead meat. I missed my driver win the most important win he could get, other than Homestead at the end of the Chase. Way to go JP the Pope of Motorsports too!
Oh…well. $%#$%), @*%&@(#$
Tally Ho. Ho-ho.



  1. I also thought I posted the ‘scopes yeasterday, but lo and behold, there they were in my drafts. Perhaps I should read my own: You are a space cadet…

  2. That’s my boy!!

    WOW, didn’t know you were pregnant, congrats!

    And to Smoke to!

    BTW, I’m curious. Just what does the brand look like on your herds flanks?


  3. Well, it’s a bar below a big V, that’s the brand of the owner we care take for.
    Mine, however is a moon with the Aquarian waves and dots,. but I only have 30 head. HD20 with a line of Smoke under it…Hmmm. gives me an idea.
    As above . so below hat is my motto and brand. Maybe I will add “Smoke ‘Em” to it.
    Why? Did you find some at your place? Put them in your freezer. They are a pain in the arse.

  4. beware ..nothing matches the wrath of a “smoke” fan who has ben betrayed….. the only cattle problems I have are my neighbour Milton whose Heiffer has a decided addiction to my vegetable garden….

  5. Whatever happened to stress free life away from the big city? I didn’t realize the bull#*?! that Tony was talking about was yours. Nice race, but Reed Sorenson was the big surprise. The kid’s coming on.

  6. We had the race recorded on our PVR so we could watch it this week as Sunday was not a good day for sitting down to the TV. Our PVR puked last night and we had to delete EVERYTHING, so no race.


    To give my hubby credit, he did try and download it to the computer, but the PVR was having none of that.

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