NASCAR ~ Kevin Harvick wins Zippo 200 ~ Clance’s back in the “Real World”

Congrats to Kevin Harvick for winning the Zippo 200 at the Glen!!
I can’t wait for tomorrow. As most of you know, road races are my favorite.

This week has been an interesting, yet productive week for me.
Moving to the sticks has had it’s good things and it’s bad things. One of the worst issues has been resolved and I am skippity doo dah-ing around.
We are so far out in the sticks, that we have had no phone service and have been dependent upon whether our cell phone was picking up signal or not. The HughsNet service people had procrastinated forever getting out here to set up my dish for my internet. Yesterday all was resolved. We got our phone line finally out here. HughsNet showed up, said: “You do not have line of sight.”, and therefore I have to resort to the po-dunk dial up. BUT! That’s better than nothing. I have had to drive into town to check my email and write ‘scopes, etc…etc…which has been a huge pain in my you know what.
Today is a good day. I have a real phone and real (sorta) internet. Tho slow, it is in my house and I can finally write daily, when I want ( I do my best work in the middle of the night) and fulfill the commitments I have made with others.
We signed the contracts yesterday for the building we are leasing for our NASCAR store, which will be in Baker City. We should be open the week after Labor Day. Our house in Idaho finally closed, and we have no more ties there except my kids and grandkiddo’s. As you can see, we have a lot going, however it is going smoothly now…”That makes Clance’ easier to live with.”, says Hubby Dale.
I don’t even care that the cows are a pain in the butt anymore:)
I will have ‘scopes up for Sonoma in a little bit.

Happy Day! Onward!!


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  1. Cows are a pain in the podunk especially Milton’s..glad you got settled in and connected somewhat….I solved the line of site issue by plonking the dish on top of the silo which made for a few exciting moments as I am not good with heights and it cost me 20 bucks to bribe Jason the cheeky one to go up and do it…the kid is going to be a millionaire by the age of 18

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