Watkins Glen lives up to Rock and Rollin’ History


Well, I must say I enjoyed Watkins Glen tremendously. Interesting ending tho…
The Hot and Spicy John Paul the Pope of Motorsports showed a bit of Latino Big Red attitude towards Mr Happy Harvick. The last few laps proved tense and exciting as I was fighting with my husband over who was going to win, Gordon or Stewart. Jeff Gordon spun himself out. Darn.
Denny Hamlin proved he can run a good road race. I thought Carl Edwards was really Kyle Busch in disguise and he was going to kill someone. But no, Kyle was a good boy, with a good finish. I better get used to being nicer to him if he is going to Gibbs. He does bring a heck of a lot of talent to the team, even if he is an ass. I guess ass is ok to say, as NASCAR.com reports that Kevin Harvick will not be penalized for saying it.No Penalties?? Please.Let’s look at fair and objective behaviors when we talk about penalties.
My fav road racers, except for Boris Said all got a top 10. Congrats to Robby Gordon, Ron Fellows and even Jeff Gordon for spinning out and still getting a 10’r.
The biggest surprise of the day? Greg Biffle. Great run.
Too bad for Jr. It’s o.k. He will pull out of this.
Congats of course to my driver, Tony Stewart for the win. They are only just beginning for him. Watch out for Newman to make that top 12 too. He will.
Onward to MIS!!



  1. Smoke is on a roll look out everyone else….enough of the penalties already..the little dust up between JPM and Harvick was similar to some of the scrapes my daughter got in when she was in the pigtails and backpack brigade in the schoolyard…a little passion is good for the sport….Edwards tried hard to be a weapon out there …maybe the new “coach ” Gibbs is already having an influence on young Kyle

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  3. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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