NASCAR ~ Win a trip to California ~ The Kodak Contest


How would you like to win a trip and 5 pairs of tickets to the NASCAR Sharp AQUOS 500 race on September 2, 2007 at California Speedway? Hurry, then and run on over to our favorite Canadian’s house and read the rules closely.
I want to win real bad, even tho Labor Day weekend has not always brought me the best of luck:) 2 years ago, I fell off the top of our bus and hurt my back and got a little concussion. ( We did get stuck behind the gates with Robby Gordon tho) Last year, we had tickets and the day before we were leaving for California is when I shattered my ankle/leg pretending to be Robby Gordon in the Dakr rally in my wagon. But!! Maybe this year I will be luckier!
So…hurry over to The NASCAR Ranting and Raving Blog and start sending off your entries.
Good Luck!
P.S. Thanks for giving me something to blog about B.


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  1. yeeooowww be carefull there….no riding home in the meat wagon please….

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