NASCAR Rain Dancin’

HA!! I started doing ‘scopes the other day and saw very quickly “disaster”. Not in a dangerous way, but in a way that I had a feeling the race wasn’t going to happen. So I went with my gut ~ didn’t post, went up to the mine – and voila!! Rained out.
I hate it when I do them and then it rains out and I have to go through it all over. It takes a lot of time to sort out the aspects, look at each driver racing and then decide which I think are pertinent or not.

Instead, we went up to the mine. I had a lovely time in the woods, had a great elk steak bar-b-q with some buddies, and took my granddaughter, Sydnee, who is 4 years old with us.


We didn’t do any mining, but it was nice to go to the cabin and relax. It started raining in the middle of the night, and was deliciously wet and fresh when I got up this morning. Syd and I sat on a rock in the rain and watched some baby trout in the pool. We call it our magic mirror pool. We jumped in mud puddles to get Pappy Dale all wet. We ate ice cream for breakfast. It was wonderful. She is the neatest, most imaginitive child I have ever seen. It was a great weekend.

I will get the ‘scopes up here in a bit and then we shall see…Trust me, the’scopes are totally different tomorrow than they were today. This generally tends to be great for Tony.

Shame on you Jimmy Spencer.


So…see ya in a bit.
Don’t forget….there is still time to enter the Kodak Contest over at NASCAR Ranting and Raving Blog.



  1. arent granddaughters terrific?…and what a sweet face she has…

  2. She is a good girl too. But that kid’s imagination!! Unbelievable.

  3. Granduaghter’s are a treasure.. mine gets me in to trouble though ..anytime I have her the first words out her mouth when she gets home are “guess what grandpa let me do”.. the little squealer has got me into more trouble with her mother…..What’s wrong with showing her how to spit the shells of sunflower seeds and use her sleeves to wipe pizza off her face anyway….

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