Carl Edwards wins at Bristol!

Congrats to Carls Edwards!
Also, congrats and great race for Tony Ryan, Jr., Bobby Labonte, The Biff, and Kudos to David Stremme and Robby Gordon. Great job by all of them.
Kudos to Kevin and JP for not hurting each other. The number 6 get the Official Church of The Great Oval “Ooh! This is a scary track award and Official Spinner Trophy”, borrowed from a Twister game. It was good to see Mikey and D.J. actually in, and finish, a race.
Ricky had his Snicker’s bar unwrapped. That was sad but it made me hungry.
Well, the changes at Bristol were different…I am usually a little stressed out about Bristol. I worry a lot about someone getting killed or hurt really bad. Tho there wasn’t the spinning and wrecking excitement, I for one think that’s kind of a good thing.
Well, I told you Jimmie and Jeff were not going to have a very good night and totoally forgot about Carl’s scopes. LOL. I just looked at it and Yup! It was great. Decided not to do the Brother’s Alien, then got scared cuz I didn’t even look at them.
I am exausted after our little trip so better hit the hay as soon as I find that Snicker’s bar I have hidden somewhere.
Tally Ho…Yawn…and onward to the bed.


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  1. You hit it on Gordon and picks were done with darts with drivers numbers on the dart board ..what was funny was I didn’t do any worse than when I do them all scientifically….nice run by Labonte and Mikey actually got in the top25..the Dodges looked pretty stong…

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