NASCAR ~ Breaking News!! Inmate Files Federal Complaint Against NASCAR Star Jeff Gordon

Unbelievable. (Click Here)

This is what our Government does with our tax money.

I knew there was something going on and why Jeff Gordon has had such a great year. The inmate has it all figured out.


** Thank you Tony’s Brit Fan for the Tip!

I will finish the rest of the Chaser’s 6 month ‘scope’s next week. I have to tell you, I hate Loudon. I decided I am not going to even look at the ‘scope’s for the race, and instead, just pray that everyone involved at that track stays safe. I usually don’t even watch it and probably won’t this weekend either. We are going to run back up to the mine ‘il Tues.

See ya then. Hope we hit a big strike or I trip over a nugget that weighs about 6 lbs. like that guy did in Susanville OR., years ago. It weighs in at 80.4 oz. If you want to look it up in a search, it’s called the Armstrong nugget. The nugget is in the U.S. Bank in Baker City, OR. It’s so big it looks like a rock spray painted gold. Honest. They do exist and it is possible…and Susanville is only a few miles from us. It could happen. Take a look at a fraction of the gold that has been found in our area in the following photo. The big one in the center is the Armstrong nugget.


Tally Ho and Blessed be to all of you.



  1. Tax dollars at work there I see and I thought Canada was the only place that wasted tax payers money…happy striking ….

  2. when I was married to asshole #2 we went to canada and alaska and had a gold panning machine..with suction pump etc..was so cool…it sucked…but never got up one glimmer of gold..

  3. leave jeff gordon alone let him leave his life with his wife and that beatuiful baby girl i love jeff gordon he is my racer

  4. maybe Tony should take a lesson – ‘cept maybe he should drop something better on the track. Altoids, maybe?

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