I am having serious computer issues, my dear LugnutZ. I will be back on line ASAP.

Miss ya all.

By the way…scopes look best for Tony, Jeff and the Busch boys for tomorrows race.

Tally Ho! Onward.



  1. Oh dear serious issues…my granny used to say any kind of machinery just needs a good swat with a rolling pin to keep it running smoothly…..

  2. Sorry to hear about the troubles. I had similar issues about a month ago. Hurry back.

  3. I just hate those computer issues, and you are well aware of mine. We miss you and are eagerly and religiously awaiting your Return!

  4. Still having computer woes? 😦

  5. I think the rest of us have the computer woes when you are absent so long. Be well.

  6. Clance’, I miss you!!!!

  7. where you at???

    I tagged you at my site!

  8. What the hell’s my scope!?

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