Who is Tina Renee?

I hate memes, but because the meme is from her, and she has a great picture of Tony on her site recently I will do it. Tina Renee’s site is an Official Church of The Great Oval Pilgrimage Cathedral, as she does have the best of the best of Tony Stewart there.

Weird and random and unusual things about me you didn’t know – dum tee dummmmmm.

#1. See previous post.

#2. I have been living on top of a gold mine in a cabin for months with nearly no human contact.

#3. I have no running water there.

#4. We have an outhouse, not a toilet.

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#5. I am becoming a Crunk. It should be a club.

#6. Random thoughts never shut up inside my head.

#7.  I have 2 dogs. A GIANT 1/2 St. Bernard, 1/2 Newfoundland named Sissy. Cuz she is a big sissy. I also have a Border Collie named Mikey after – you guessed it _ Mikey! He has a NASCAR collar with the Mikey number on it and he thinks he is a circus dog. ( Well…he is a clown. He can hang on the back of my 4 wheeler through the wildest of rides!) We also have 11 cats in the woodshed.  3 cats that come in and go out of the house and 1 cat that never ever goes outside. He is too afraid of the big world. He is our little Mini Mouser. That is hmmmm…..15 cats and 2 dogs.

You know what they say about people with that many cats.

The man in this picture may win the Cup in ’08. I can’t say will or I will curse you Ryan.

I have been wrong the last two years.

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I tag Dream Gems, my best GF since I was 20. Yer IT.
Reality Gems (snicker)
Yellow Dog Granny, my Goddess Role Model.
My most highly regarded Revr’nd Jim, High Priest of The Church of The Great Oval.
I will spare the rest of you for a while:)
Tally Ho!! Onward…


1 Comment

  1. It sure is great to have you back, Revered One. I’ve already done this meme, but I will pass it on.

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