NASCAR ~ Countdown to Daytona

10-9-8…just a few more weeks. I will have full time Internet access again in town (**My lifestyle is getting in the way of our Sacred NASCAR, and we can not have that now can we?),  by my birthday, and I will begin publishing the 2008 Astro-Predictions. The aspects for 2008 are intriguing. Lots of change and challenges for the sport all the way around. There are some driver’s that have really outstanding aspects and others that have rotten ones. It’s going to be a pretty black and white year, I think. ** Hint: Watch out for that Rocketman!

Winter update: We have 4 feet of snow, so getting in and out of our place is a bit challenging right now. Other than that, everything is great, and quite beautiful. Living in the primitive manner that we do in our cabin, has proved to be quite the adventure. Good fodder for On a Quest. I miss you all. My 50th birthday is Jan. 29th, so wish me well…I have now lived, (unless I live to be over 100) over half my life. My kids and Grandkids say I will be officially old then. I say: Never!! I will never be old, even when I am 90. I don’t agree with old addage,  “You are only as old as you feel.” “You are only as old as you think”, Say’s I.

I hope you all are having a great start to 2008 and here’s to looking forward to the 2008 season!

Tally Ho! Onward!!



  1. Geesh… look what the smell of hot rubber and burning Sunoco drove out of hibernation!

    Are you just as cranky as most just awoken bears?


  2. Yeah! Clance’ is back. Yes, we can’t let our way of life interfere with the worship of the great NASCAR. My cable was finally hooked up Thursday. I’m ready.
    You’re still only 49. 🙂

  3. cant wait for daytona

  4. Happy early birthday 🙂

    My favorite saying is “I may be growing old, but I am NEVER growing up!” 😀

  5. Did you see who is sponsoring Milka Duno in the Rolex 24 hour race at daytona?

  6. Hey, cool site. The countdown ticker is moving quickly now, it seems! I will be heading south in 9 days! And this chicago weather better cooperate for my departure!!

    Thought we could exchange the blogroll thing…thx!

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