Changeworks…Now. I hope.

My new motto. Changeworks. One word, not a typo. I’m back on my game after a long winter and an ensuing, depressing, divorce. How sad. Oh, well, I guess. My life goes on. I’ve just got to get a new pair of boots to walk around in.

Enough of the drivel.

Thou shalt not whine.

Thou shalt never speak of this again in Church.

It violates the Sanction of our Holy Shrine.

I am going to be posting on a regular basis, and yes, even reading my email once more.

The scope’s will be back up and running for Dover, and we will take a look at what’s going on in individual Driver’s scopes as we lead up to the Chase.

Go Tony!!

I am off for now, to finish watching the race and catch up on my blogging buddies.

Tally Ho!! Ever onward!!



  1. {{big hug}}

    Welcome back. I’ve missed you.

  2. Thanks Jerry. I have missed you too. Thanks for the hug and a big one right back to you!!

  3. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s baaaack…
    horay..sorry about the divorce..but knowing you…you’ll be just fine..come on down for westfest…

  4. Now I do believe in ghosts!


  5. Hi Clance’, Sorry about the divorce. Welcome back. I’ve missed you. Go Tony!! And see how well MSL Kyle is doing. I told ya he’s the real deal.
    Love, Helen

  6. Welcome back, been missing you.

  7. Welcome back indeed. Are you still in Eastern Oregon?

  8. I am still in Eastern OR, and hope to stay. I love it here!

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