NASCAR Nationwide over-“view” ~ Joey Logano ~Matt Poole update

So…what did you all think of Joey? I was so rooting for him all through the race:
“Come on Kid! Come on!”
Thrilled that he was creeping up, making all the right moves, amazed at his teams strategy and Joey’s skill.
“He place 6th! Way to go!! Good job! Playing with the Big Boyz!”
The post race interview.
Maybe I am wrong, but it seemed to me that he came off on the cocky side. I was reminded of a certain younger Alien, Big Baby Busch.
“NO!” I cried with dismay! “Not another one!”
I turned to my pal Al, and saw the look of concern on his face. Al is new to NASCAR, kindly allowing me watch the races at his home, due to the fact that there is no television reception in my county. You either subscribe to mini cable or sat TV, or you don’t watch. Al is a gentle soul who judges no one, gives the benefit of the doubt to everyone and always sees the glass, not just half full, but 99% full. For the first time since Al had started watching races with me, he was rooting for a driver, and really getting into it.
“That was not the reaction I expected…” Al said. Al had just watched Baby Busch have his fit, and finally understood why I cheered when he biffed. “He better get a better attitude, or I won’t root for him again.” *Snicker* I think Al’s starting to get it. Al’s a gentle-manly kind of guy. Wonder who he will pick to be his driver? I am pretty sure it will not be Tony. I am exerting a great deal of pressure to lean him that way, it’s not working well.
Denny Hamlin was as dominating in the race as Monster Max, Miles, Myles, whatever his name is, looks. David Stremme had a fabulous run. I am so glad he’s doing so well. I was so mad at the loss of his ride to Mr. Judd last year, that I almost swore off NASCAR. I would swear off Gnassi, but then I would have to swear off JPM and that won’t happen.

The ‘scope’s call for a lot of temper issues today. I look for Ryan Newman, Kurt Busch and Greg Biffle to do well. Tony’s aspect’s call for either a really aggressive win, or a really bad day. I expect a lot of crashin’.

We shall see…

Speaking of GREAT!! runs, Matt Poole, the development driver for Chris Lafferty Motorsports, sent me this press release. Way to go Matt. How cool is this!

For Immediate Release
Lafferty Motorsports is pleased to announce that Matt Poole drove the #98 Lafferty Performance Chevrolet Monte Carlo to a 7th place finish at Hickory Motor Speedway on Saturday, May 24th, 2008 in the Street Stock Division. The associate sponsor for Matt’s race was “Race Track”, a San Antonio based website catering to NASCAR fans. This was Matt’s second race of his young racing career, finishing 12th in his first race at Hickory in June, 2007.
Lafferty Motorsports fields an entry in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, the ARCA Remax Series, as well as Late Models and Street Stocks. Lafferty Motorsports is a subsidiary of Lafferty Engine Creations, a nationally recognized leader in combustion technology. LEC is known for being one of the best engine building companies in NASCAR. Lafferty Motorsports, through the guidance of Chris Laffertyand his crew is giving Matt Poole his introduction into racing through their Driver Development program.Matt Poole is “living his dream” of being a race car driver, with a unique approach to the opportunity. Matt is honoring the memory of loved ones lost. His mother, Peggy Poole passed away from a sudden heart attack in January, 2003. More recently, in May of 2005, one of his dearest friends, Tonya Schultz, was brutally murdered by her husband, who killed her in front of their two young children. After enduring these tragedies in his life, Matt began to actively pursue his dream of racing. He has dedicated any potential race winnings to be donated to the American Heart Association in his mother’s memory, and to the Victory Junction Gang Camp in Tonya’s memory. The donations will be made on behalf of Matt, and his car owner Chris Lafferty, and his sponsors.
“I was very pleased after the race Saturday night” said Matt Poole. “I finally got to apply everything I learned in my first race and in all the testing we have done, and I can’t thank Lafferty Performance and the Race Track Ladies enough for believing in my racing dream and for giving me this opportunity. My goal was to improve on last year’s race and have another good solid finish, and coming home 7th at Hickory is quite an honor for me.  A top ten finish at Hickory is something to be proud of.”
“The RaceTrackLadiesare honored to be associated withMatt and we are extremely pleased with his racing knowledge, his professionalism, dedication to his car owner and respect for sponsors” said Bev Resendez, co-owner of Race Track Ladies.  “Any company looking to provide sponsorship for a solid race car driver should look no further.  Matt Poole is your driver”.
Chris Lafferty, owner of Lafferty Performance, was equally impressed. “Matt has consistently improved every time he has gotten behind the wheel. His lap times have improved greatly, and he is much more consistent on the track now, he has made great strides since his first race last year. LaffertyPerformance is proud to be a part of his racing dream, and we are proud to have him as one of our development drivers. We feel certain that with the addition of more marketing partners that Matt’s performance will continue to improve on the race track”
If you would like to learn more about Matt Poole or Lafferty Motorsports, you are cordially invited to visit Matt Poole’s website,, or contact Matt Poole at (410) 251 – 2877. You may also contact Chris Lafferty at or by phone at  (704) 795 – 5375 for more information on how your company can go to Victory Lane with Matt Poole.

I am so happy that Matt is getting to pursue his dream. He’s a great guy.

So off to the races now. Until later…

Tally Ho LugNutZ!


Tally Ho LugNutZ!


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