Robby Gordon Live Tracking ~ 2008 Baja 500

Actual Speed Control sign in my county, near Whitney, OR

Robby is racing in the grueling, craziest race in the world right now. You can track Robby’s progress, along with the other team members live, by following this link. You can also follow Robby live, at by clicking on the Live Tracking Now!  link there. RG77 is Robby when you go to look for him.

Robby’s horoscope today:

Robby Gordon, born 2 January 1969
At this time your attention naturally turns to whatever you value in life, whether it be material, intellectual or spiritual. You may have to define your sense of values to another person so that he or she knows where you stand on an issue. This can cover a broad range of activity, from shopping much more than usual to entering into an important business negotiation. The important point here is that whatever you do in this area, you will put a great deal of planning and consideration into it, and transactions will be more important and elaborate than usual. As a result you should be able to make the situation work out the way you want.
This morning you will feel much more emotional than usual. This, of course, can be either good or bad, depending upon how you normally relate to your emotions. If you are ill at ease with your feelings, you will not consciously be aware of them. But you will relate to people in automatic ways, conditioned by habit. You will respond unconsciously to small cues put out by other persons that neither you nor they are aware of. The problem here is that you are unable to see each new moment and person afresh. On the other hand, if you can handle the emotions that are aroused, you will be able to relate to others with great feeling and empathy. This influence is excellent for occasions when you and another person must relate at a very deep, intense level.

Good Luck!



  1. Man, Robby hasn’t moved for awhile…

  2. why do i know that babs is glued to the tv…?

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