NASCAR 2008 MIS Astro-Predictions ~ Jimmie Johnson ~ Chad Knaus

Jimmie\'s and Chad\'s discipline plan.

 Jimmie Johnson has a rather unique combination of aspect’s this Sunday. Jimmie’s ‘scope is interesting enough to publish on it’s own. And… to take a look at Chad’s scope for this weekend too. Jimmy will have some extremely strong aspects, both positive and negative fighting each other out. Chad’s well, take look at them both together. I am leaning toward a win, without even taking a look at the other driver’s scope’s. I , of course, reserve the right to change my mind after I do. ( All references to “Today” refer to Sunday )

Jimmie Johnson, born 17 September 1975

This is a day which the Sun and Moon make the same angle as in your natal chart, and is considered by some astrologers as especially fertile and favourable for conception. The exact time of this Lunar phase as well as the preceding 24 hours are considered the most fertile. But even during the 3 days leading up to the exact time women should be especially receptive to conception.

According to this theory it is possible not only to find the ideal day for conception, but also to predict the child’s gender. If the Moon is in a ‘masculine’ sign at this time (i.e. in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius), it is more likely that a boy will be conceived. The Moon in a ‘feminine’ sign (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces) makes it more likely that a girl will be conceived.
No research has been done on the meaning of the Lunar Phase for men. However, you may wish to use this information to research for yourself whether you experience this time as particularly ‘fertile’ in the sense of creative or constructive, and what kinds of creations come from it.

Mars Sextile Mercury
This is an excellent time for all kinds of mental work, especially if you have to plan a future course of action with decisiveness and firmness. You will be in a positive mood and have great confidence in your position, which will enable you to make a positive impression and probably convince people of your point of view. This influence also favors working with others in a cooperative planning venture. You can make plans together or hash out differences of opinion in such a way that you make your point without anyone else feeling threatened. This is a good time for traveling in connection with your work. Because your energy level is high, you are restless to get things done. During this couple of days you will feel confident of yourself, your ideas and the effect you make when talking with people.

Your Moon is Square your Moon also on race day.

This influence, although not long lasting, can provide some moments of difficulty and irritation. Your emotions are discordant, and you may be more inclined to get into disagreements with others. This will probably have the greatest effect in your most personal life and domestic situation. Consequently you should watch out for unnecessary conflicts with loved ones. In a group, you will not feel that your interests are in accord with the others’ interests. It is not a good time to work with people or to make any kind of public appearance, if peace and harmony is your goal. However, if you are trying to stir people up about some issue or call their attention to circumstances that must be dealt with, this influence can be quite helpful, although the others may not appreciate your role in this.

Your Moon is also Sextile your Sun.

Today during the day you experience a time of inner and outer equanimity. You can stop and take stock of yourself without feeling completely caught up in the usual turmoil and rush of events. Even if your affairs are not going too smoothly, this influence will provide a breathing space. If you have been feeling harried, you now have at least a brief opportunity to take it easy. And if you are relaxed, you will feel even better now. Your relationships with groups and friends are quite good during this time. You are able to understand other people’s needs without losing sight of your own desires for fulfillment. Opportunities may arise from unexpected corners that will improve your life in small ways at least. In general you will benefit from being out in the world today and having as much contact with others as possible.

Venus Sextile Chiron
Through a careless remark, a slight clumsiness, or a wrong word without bad intent, you suddenly find yourself in an embarrassing situation, feel yourself hurt or belittled. If you react in an injured manner, demand apologies or become aggressive, this will only cause further, unnecessary pain for you. Despite this, you should not just compromise but rather think the incident over again, as it points to a particular area in which you are oversensitive and that could, under other circumstances, lead to a complete overreaction. The more you find out about this personal sensitivity the easier it will be to accept it and to make others aware of it.

Moon Square Venus
Tonight you are under a very pleasant, light- feeling influence. You enjoy being with others and find all social contacts interesting. Most people feel very affectionate toward loved ones during this time, and there is a strong desire to support and protect those people who are important to you. But be careful not to act too possessive or to try to limit anyone’s freedom. If you behave in this manner, you will experience this influence discordantly and will have trouble with your loved ones. You may feel very sentimental under this influence, for it tends to reawaken memories of the past and causes you to feel very attached to them. Also you should beware of any tendency to overindulge in food or drink. Discipline is not one of the strong points of this influence.

Chad Knaus, born 5 August 1971

Moon Square Mars

This morning there is a real danger of needless disputes, irritability, emotionalism, rash action and hastiness, which may result in harm or inconvenience later. You will find it difficult to handle other people for awhile. One of the challenges now is to successfully let off steam without making an unnecessary shambles. If you frequently feel somewhat discouraged about yourself, you should be especially careful with this influence. You may see everything that comes your way as a threat and react much too defensively. If you have a bolder and more self-confident temperament, you may be inclined to act too quickly, to be hasty and overcritical of others. Or you may be accident prone. With this influence, you are not as careful as you should be, and you might hurt yourself.

Moon in the 2nd House
This is a time when you emotionally identify with your possessions or whatever you value. This can lead to a very strong attachment to material objects and a general attitude of possessiveness about them, which can be a problem if someone needs to borrow something of yours, for instance. Or you may unconsciously identify with your own value system to such an extent that you feel every challenge to it as a direct challenge to yourself. You may have to defend yourself in areas where you really have nothing at stake. Traditionally this influence is considered to be a bad time to spend money, because your attitudes toward possessions are so conditioned by unconscious drives that you are not likely to make an intelligent decision about buying something based upon your real needs.

Moon Trine Med.Coeli
Tonight your personal needs and career needs are balanced, and there will not be as much tension between them as at other times. Also your emotions are in tune with your intentions so that you can go about your business with complete oneness. There is less of the feeling that two sides of you are struggling for mastery over the whole. Under this influence you have a great ability to relate to others on an emotional level, because you feel your emotions so richly yourself. You are sensitive to others’ needs, and you understand how you can use their moods and sensitivities for positive ends. On the other hand, you may choose to retire into your own personal world. The richness of feeling and emotion that this time brings may make you feel like being alone or with only your closest loved ones.

Moon Sextile Moon
This is a time of deep feelings. Tonight you want to be surrounded by familiar people and objects that remind you of pleasant past experiences. It is a good time to be with relatives and family and to go over old times with them.  When you are with a group or before the public under this influence, you are able to establish a good rapport. This is a good time for making any kind of public presentation. Friends, especially female friends, are important to you at this time. You have the ability to sit with them, listen to their troubles and offer a sympathetic ear, as well as good advice.

Mercury Sextile Sun
Today, you should have no difficulty keeping amused, because your mind is sharp, alive and ready for all kinds of experiences. Even in the ordinary, everyday aspects of your world you see the possibilities for new knowledge and understanding. Quite frequently this influence indicates one of those days when the telephone never seems to stop ringing. It seems as if everyone wants to get in touch with you, and you have to contact many people too. Important communications from others may very well come by mail, telephone or personal conversation. And you will speak your mind with everyone. It is very important with this influence to let people know exactly where you stand on every issue. Your honesty and forthrightness in what you say will command the respect of others.

Yup, looks like a win. Not an easy one, but a good run for sure.

Clance\' McClannahan






  1. Your post,,,,is the most stupid thing that I’ve read.

    Jimmmie and Chad are the greateat,screew your signs. (BTH my b-day is the 12th,ooops woman talking).

    Watch a race,watch ChaD,WATCH jIMMIE,IF YOU NEED MORE lessonz on class/NASCAR,make sure you post. The sun////mooon!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jimmmie &Chad will be there.

  2. K Johnson ~
    Speaking of lessons on class, Jimmie and Chad are two of the classiest and most intelligent men in NASCAR. They use every unique strategy, including Astrology, to achieve excellence, as do many other the other teams. Intelligence, used wisely, is class. Perhaps you could learn something from them.

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