NASCAR Bloggers dis Dale Earnhardt Jr.

There is a certain post, over yonder at some blog, and they dare ask why Dale Jr. should be considered a good driver?  not really. I apologize. Sort of.

Why wasn’t he penalized when he passed that lap car?

 It’s got me just steaming.

They want feed back from Jr. fans.

GO GET EM Jr. Nation!! Show ’em your loyalty! 

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  1. […] Witch magically turned into me supposedly asking Jr. fans,  ”Why Dale Jr. should be considered a good driver?” […]

  2. Next time you throw beer cans, make sure I can catch the ones you don’t open. I don’t think all Jr fans are like that. At least, I hope most of them are more rational.

    That got kid of messy.

  4. KIND of messy? Well, really messy.

  5. What’s the matter Clance, get your fill of BS over at Poole’s house of hate, disingenuous buffoonery and outright liars?

    It’s a very scary place most times, but so are a couple other blogs at That’s Racin’ the commenters are an embarrassment to NASCAR Nation.

  6. The brave one’s are all named Anonymous Poultry Poop’s.
    I am so glad my folks didn’t name me that.
    And we wonder why the world thinks NASCAR fans are all ignorant?

  7. Hi Clance’, Did ya notice how boring the truck and whatever-they-call-Busch-now races from Milwaukee were without MSL Kyle?

  8. And did ya hear those cheers on Sunday?

  9. Yeah…yeah…yeah, Helen.

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