NASCAR Fans ~ Testicular Cancer Awareness

Just a reminder for all you guys…Testicular Cancer Kills.

Listen to the entire thing. This is not a joke.

Now memorize this song. It will help you to remember to check.

“If I had written a script the day I was born, I couldn’t have written it more perfect that my life has been.
I would hate to be the undertaker who has to try to get the smile off my face.” ~ Dick Ralstin





  1. Dick Ralstin did not die from testicular cancer. It’s a great quote and a reminder to me about the promise I made him to quit smoking.

  2. Okay, if this is your gift to Jim, then remind me never to ask you for anything. =)

  3. Thank-you? But I can’t get it to load. 😦

  4. Jim-bo … please join us now in the 21st Century. ;)~

    J/K bro.

  5. Well crud Rev. It’s a great song wth a great message.

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