NASCAR ~ Kyle Busch wins again! The Alien Invasion continues… in Full Battle Gear

Congrats again to Kyle Busch!

The younger Alien Brother, reveling in the unofficial title “The Driver that everybody loves to hate” has done it once more. 6 NASCAR wins this year, dominating nearly every race, whatever the vehicle,truck (or space ship) he is driving.

Love him, or hate him, he’s probably the most talked about driver this year. Toyota and Joe Gibbs Racing must LOVE him with the success he is giving them. The JR Nation hates him. Well, most of the Driver Nations. The New World Order of NASCAR might be sorry they started the New World Order.

I remember saying something in a post or comment a few years back, something to the effect of “You watch that Kyle Busch. Someday, he’s going to start winning a lot of races. He has something to prove, and its adding fuel to the fire. I just hope he doesn’t kill someone along the way”.

 Aliens are taking over NASCAR.

I still think Kyle is an arrogant, immature little punk. And a brat. But…the Younger Brother can drive. So can Big Brother.

Remember Dale Earnhardt? They didn’t call that guy The Intimidator for nothing. A lot of people hated him when he was alive, now the man is Deified. Almost up there with Jesus in God ranks. Too bad he had to die to get there. I certainly hope that never happens in our sport again.

I think Kyle Busch has the same potential for greatness. I do believe he will be one of the greatest driver’s in NASCAR history.
I have to admit that as Kyle did his signature bow, I and many others who may not admit it, smiled. He is just unstoppable this season. He reminds me of Jeff Gordon in the good old days for the #24. In the meantime, Kyle is hot as The Devil, and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Don’t tell anyone I said that.

My astrological picks for having a lousy race at Daytona, were:
Kasey Kahne, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Kurt Busch.
My lousy day picks run a little higher percentage of being right on than my “Who’s going to Win” predictions.But all in all they were pretty right on.
Robby Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Ryan Newman, Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth, and Baby Busch all had excellent aspect’s this weekend. Poor Ryan. I was way off on him. Sorry buddy.
Tony Stewart and Dale Jr. still have some long term major transits and changes going on, but they are for the better, so we will see what happens in the next few months.

So! Tally Ho LugNutZ!

Off we go to Chicago! Onward!



  1. Here I is Here I is Clance!!!

    I was in the hospital last week for heart issues. All is good. God wasn’t ready for me and hell was afraid I would take over. LOL LOL LOL I’ll drop ya a line ;later. Peace, Dawg

  2. O so those guys are the Alien Spawn we’ve been warned about in Church. … Something about Kyle’s bow is imp-conspiratorial, suggesting something sour and Mephistophelean, a whiff of sulphur and poorly-ingested M&Ms — like Mae West said, when he’s good he’s bad, but when he’s really bad, he’s GREAT. This year, at least; something makes me believe that at the stroke of midnight Dec. 31, 2008, Kyle will be forked screaming iback into NASCAR mediocrity and some other devil deal-maker — some other buck with an evil grin — Kasey Kahne, say — will suddenly start winning every race of 2009. Yes, Kyle is hot as the devil — but such sympathies will get the Rolling Stones to start playing in your dreams.

  3. “I still think Kyle is an arrogant, immature little punk. And a brat. But…the Younger Brother can drive.”

    TOTALLY agreed! Couldn’t of said it better myself! I like him as long as he dosn’t talk, but that might just be my take on all men!

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