NASCAR BREAKING NEWS: Teresa Looking To Sell, Newman To Haas-CNC With Jack Daniels Backing

Posted today by Dave Moody at The Motorsports Soapbox                 

Teresa Earnhardt selling DEI?

Teresa Earnhardt selling DEI?

NASCAR Radio’s Sirius Speedway is reporting today that Teresa Earnhardt has enlisted the services of Bear, Stearns and Company to find a buyer — or at least a major financial investor — for Dale Earnhardt, Inc. Bear Stearns is an investment bank, securities trading and brokerage firm based in New York City, and has been charged with finding a buyer for the entire operation. Barring that, Earnhardt is said to be interested in selling at least a minority interest in the team. more…    

  cont…  Tony Stewart is expected to announce a 2009 move to Haas-CNC Racing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in three weeks. Reliable sources tell Sirius Speedway that Stewart will also announce sponsorship from Office Depot and Old Spice as part of a new, multi-year package with Haas CNC, and that Penske Racing’s Ryan Newman  will join him as a teammate, with sponsorship from Jack Daniels.



  1. Nope. Tony’s announcement will be this Thursday. Hope all of it’s true.

  2. […] and sets the no. 20 car atop the pedestal as the best available car on the market, and makes Ryan Newman the marquee name that could be entering free agency this offseason. Whatever Joe Gibbs Racing and […]

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