NASCAR at Chicago ~ Kyle Busch Wins Again!

Kyle Busch wins...again!

Kyle Busch wins...again!

Congrats again to Kyle Busch. The Younger Alien has some other worldly energies backing him this year. He is phenomenal. Yes, I said it. A Phenom.

Kyle is living up to this quote by Christian D. Larson, spoken nearly 100 years ago:

“Nature intends all men and women to be mental and spiritual giants, and does not intend that any one should follow the will of another.”

Helen Losse  Helen Losse, a regular reader of my blog, left this poem in my comments. Helen is a loyal Kyle Busch fan, along with being a noted poet and published author. She is a promoter of peace and all things great and good. Her blog Windows towards the World is a near daily read of mine. She keeps me thinking good thoughts.

Night Race
By Helen Losse

Six o’clock and engines roar,
six thirty, seven o’clock, eight.
Finally the sun sets—yellow,
orange, purple sky, definitely
red behind the lighted stands

at Chicagoland. Hot dogs,
wrappers loose, on the track,
on the grill, overheat, cars too
tight, cars too loose, fans scream,
having fun, time flies. Crew chief

yells, “stay out,” “spring rubber in,”
“spring rubber out,” “adjust the track
bar,” “four tires,” or “just take two,”
“gas and go,” gain time in the pits,
or lose. Nine o’clock, then almost ten,

. . . eleven. Then cars spin, cars pass,
go high, go low, fans cheer, fans
boo. Kyle Busch last night, victory
under the lights—checkered flag,
stuck in the mud, sweat and grin.

Helen Losse is an award winning poet, free lance writer, and Poetry Editor of The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.  Educated at Missouri Southern State and Wake Forest Universities, she lives with her husband and sons in Winston-Salem, NC, where she occasionally writes book reviews for the Winston-Salem Journal. 

 Go to Helen’s blog  and read the many, many inspiring posts she has there. Her view from her window is, truly, a great window to see the world though.








  1. Thanks for the write up. And yes, I do like Kyle. But Tony’s my #!1 driver. Hope Ryan goes with Tony.

  2. Yeahhhhh, congrats to Shurb. Again. That punk can drive. And Helen can sure write poems.

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