NASCAR Bloggers ~ Happy Birthday Diecast Dude!


Today is Jerry Wilson’s  49th Birthday. You know what that means… The Diecast Dude will be joining next year, those of us Oldster’s that have already passed the mark.

We will probably hear the lamentings and wisdom of nearly reaching that major mile stone for awhile, at his personal blog,  Goldfish and Clowns.

Jerry has been a dear to me through some tough times. He would probably never admit that he can be such a nice guy, among that cocky exterior. Jerry is a legend to many of us who have been blogging for awhile. He was one of the first and best. It took a long time before Jerry added me as a “worthy” link. He’s one of my greatest supporters now. I am proud to call him My Friend.

Jerry’s nearly weekly podcasts, which you can hear at Diecast, have many times, in his insprational mode, been exactly what I needed to hear. I don’t always agree with his takes on NASCAR or music, but that’s what bloggings about.

So here’s to you Jerry…Happy Birthday from Me!

Happy Birthday from Me!




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