NASCAR Astro-Prediction’s ~ Ryan Newman and Tony Stewart ~ Career Comparison Chart

Tony Stewart, born 20 May 1971 400 400 Practice 
Ryan Newman, born 8 December 1977
Short Report – Partnership and Career
for Tony Stewart, born on 20 May 1971
and Ryan Newman, born on 8 December 1977
Sun in the Tenth House
A relationship with composite Sun in the tenth house is likely to be a significant one.
First of all, this position indicates that the two of you have an identity of purpose in your lives together, or at least that you are able to help each other attain the goals you have set for yourselves. Obviously this position is particularly useful for a business or professional relationship, but it is also very important in a personal relationship. If this relationship goes anywhere at all, it will have a strong effect on your life purpose.
Since the tenth is also the house of status, and the house of fame, the partnership is even more significant. This placement is a good indication of an important relationship, one in which you will find a strong identity of life purpose and direction, which will enable you to work well together.
Sun Conjunct Mercury
The conjunction of composite Sun and Mercury signifies that there will be a great deal of mental activity in this relationship. This aspect is good for verbal communication between you.
You both should be wary of the tendency to intellectualize your emotions rather than deal with them at the gut level.
You have an unusual similarity of thinking, or at least a better than average ability to understand each other’s thinking.
Mercury is a planet of travel, not always in the literal sense of the word, but in the metaphorical sense; that is, you like to be continually exposed to new ideas and experiences together.
One of the most positive attributes of this aspect is the ability to be detached from what you are discussing. Because of this detachment you may even be able to talk about your relationship and arrive at understandings that will help you both to get more out of it.
Moon in the Eighth House
This is a position of transformation, which means that your relationship will undergo extensive changes, partly because of what you will learn about yourselves, partly because of the pressure of your emotions.
In addition, this placement of the Moon in the composite chart makes you very concerned with values. Your shared values may be purely on a psychological level, or they might exist more on the material plane as a great concern for possessions and property.
The greatest strength of this Moon placement is the contribution it can make to your self- understanding. Its greatest difficulty is the tendency to emphasize the heavy, moody aspects of your relationship and to dwell excessively on serious matters. Explore the new and constantly changing features of your life together, and welcome such changes instead of fearing them.
Venus in the Ninth House
With composite Venus in the ninth house, love, freindship, and affection tend to be intellectual issues that are discussed and pondered over rather than felt.
There is a danger that you may overintellectualize your feelings in this relationship.
However, in compensation, you both examine the nature of your feelings and are more capable than most people of understanding what you mean to each other.
The experience of this relationship may also make both of you see more clearly and become more aware of the world around you. Venus in the ninth house can signify love and freindship as an agent of consciousness expansion.
Astrologically speaking, Ryan was going to make a change and the astrological influences have been in effect for months. One major aspect of career influence went in effect for Ryan in October of 2000.
He may feel some uncertainty, but no matter which team he chose, he would feel that. This is a major point in not only Ryan’s career, but one which will affect the entire course of his life.
He may surprise us and go with JGR. Maybe.
If that happens, I will stop doing ‘scopes.

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