NASCAR Astro-Predictions ~ Allstate 400 at The Brickyard-Matt Kenseth, Jimmie Johnson

Matt Kenseth and Jimmtions ie Johnson have both got Major Transits entering the picture, which I believe will affect them through The Chase. These aspects are significant, not only in racing, but in the lives of these two men.

Matt Kenseth, born 10 March 1972

Chiron Square Mars valid through Jan. 2009

Valid during many months: During this time you should be careful and keep a tight rein on yourself – especially if you are anyway of a spirited disposition. On the one hand you have considerably increased vitality at your disposal – your willpower and ability to assert yourself are more pronounced than on other days, and physical needs will make themselves felt more too; on the other hand, however, there is also a definite tendency towards using this energy inappropriately, or aiming for a particularly unsuitable objective. In concrete terms this means that although you assert yourself effectively and lay great emphasis on achieving your wishes at this time, you could well proceed in an inconsiderate manner towards others or, above all, yourself.

If you are after some kind of “conquest”, it is quite possible that under this influence you ignore warning signs and advance too directly and abruptly. In this way you could well receive a very clear rebuff, which would, in fact, have been totally unnecessary. Therefore do not allow yourself to be led by your present, particularly strong desires and needs into simply ignoring the slight restraint or rejection of others – the results could otherwise be unnecessarily painful. During this time there is also the danger that you scent competition or opposition where there is none – following the maxim “He that is not with me is against me”. If you are too sensitive and quick-tempered, take every criticism personally and react in an offended manner, then around every corner is an enemy, every conversation can turn into an argument in which you finally, without reason and probably without conscious intent, hurt others and are presumably yourself hurt to the same extent. In your professional life this can lead to your showing yourself up for no reason at all, which you would regret later on. If you have a firm relationship, there could be, for the same reason, ugly jealous scenes which later prove to have been senseless and futile.

For Sundays race:

It is unfortunate that this influence is so brief, because it gives you such a pleasant sense of well-being. Tonight you feel very warm and friendly to the people around you, and you are willing to offer emotional or physical support to anyone who needs it. You are generous and giving. People will warm to you, and you should get from others exactly what you give, that is, warmth and affection. You are likely to attract basically happy and positive people with whom you will have an enjoyable time. This is not the result of a “Pollyanna” view of reality that refuses to recognize trouble and pain in the world, but of a real sense of belonging and oneness with others. In a very important sense you feel that helping others helps you. On another level this influence indicates a concern with the general welfare.

Jimmie Johnson, born 17 September 1975

Mars in the 10th House activity period from 22 July 2008 until beginning of September 2008

Valid during several weeks: More than any other, this influence arouses your ambition to achieve. If you can identify with a project, you will work extremely hard at it until it is done. It is especially important now that you find an independent project that requires your individual initiative and effort. You should try to gain independent authority in your work at this time because you are not likely to be very tolerant of other people’s authority over yourself. You prefer to be your own boss. But your energy will make an impression upon people who are in a position to help you, as long as you do not challenge them unduly. Conflicts with coworkers may arise if they feel threatened by your efforts to get ahead. You should try to play down such conflicts unless something real is at stake.

For Sundays race:

This influence is generally good for the flow of ideas and communication between you and others. You are intellectually alive, curious and willing to learn. This is a good day to attend a lecture or a class in some subject. You are willing to have people challenge your ideas and thereby broaden your thinking. At the same time you are happy to share your insights on any subject. Thus all interchange with others today should be fruitful and expansive, both for yourself and for the people you meet. Travel is sometimes indicated by this influence, although usually not over long distances. In the course of daily business you may cover a lot more ground than usual. This is a good day for conferences and negotiations in which it is important to make yourself clear to others.

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