Tony Stewart Fined $10,000, Team Put On Probation, and Buys USAC Presents!


Tony Stewart went above and beyond the $10,000 fine coming out of his pocket, and Tony Stewart Racing also was placed on probation for the remainder of the USAC season. The fine and probation were imposed for unsportsmanlike conduct. He ripped a headset off an official or something, rather “Tony-like”.

He voluntarily bought the USAC officials new uniforms.

What a nice guy.

(!!??) Why would he go above and beyond the fine and probation ?

Did he think twice after grabbing the headphones of an official and remember he’s a team owner now?
Will this be the new team owner persona?

Is this Tony’s Anima, his true inner self that in the analytic psychology of C. G. Jung reflects archetypal ideals of conduct?

He was screamin’ ticked at Goodyear a few weeks ago. He was quiet after Indy. Now he’s buying equipment, as an owner, and reprimanded owner at that, for the Officials of USAC.
Is that even legal?

Allstate 400 Practice

Now I know that there is a very slim chance that Tony would ever lose his temper again, but if he, as owner of Stewart-HAAS racing, happens to deck an Official, could he buy them all new gear too?

I thought that would be called something more HAAS-Like.  You know, a word similar to…


My Driver ~ Your scaring me.



  1. More like an apology than bribery. Mr. Miller, the CEO of USAC said of the incident something like, “We appreciate Tony’s continuing effort to try to improve USAC and in providing USAC with equipment we use on a day to day basis. “

  2. Ahhh … trying to dissect the mind of Tony Stewart. You sure this is something we really want to get into?

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