NASCAR ~ Pocono Astro-Predictions

Not only is today Kiefer Sutherlund’s first race, he didn’t do his homework before he got on camera. Must have thought there wasn’t too much to know about the sport.

He gushed over NASCAR’s historical past. It’s beginnings…local boys on dirt tracks in their home towns, which eventually led them to The Beach.
Yeah… Well, that’s part of the history.
Clueless, buddy.

Regarding Indy, Sutherlund gushed, “What a great race it was” or something equally stupid.

The response with a panicky laugh: “Well, sorta, the last of it anyway.”

I didn’t post the ‘scope’s for today, because I just didn’t.  The Annual Huckleberry Festival and Vintage Car Show is this weekend in my little part of the world. Too much fun.

Many of the Driver’s have a lot of Mars and Uranus aspects in there charts today, which brings War. Impatience. Hot Heads. Serious Aggression. Etc. The driver’s with the most active, and noticeable Mars and Uranus activities are:

Jimmie Johnson

Carl Edwards

Matt Kenseth

Elliot Sadler

Casey Mears

Kyle Busch

Juan Pablo Montoya (EEK!)

Jamie McMurray ( EEK!)

The oustanding scope’s are Dale Jr., Kurt Busch, and Jeff Gordon, and Mark Martin.
By the way, we are having a Birthday Party Roast for Jeff Gordon and Kurt Busch tomorrow here at the blog and over at The Church Tabernacle.

Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman, and Kasey Kahne have no negative aspects today at all. The positive aspects are on the calm cool, happy side.

Who has the very best ‘scopes of the day all around?
Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin and Jeff Burton.

And now… The engines have been called to be started by the Grand Master of Very Dangerous Save the World Activities.

Tally Ho!



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  2. So, who will be the winner at least ?

  3. Carl Edwards will/ I mean was.
    How the heck do I know who’s going to win? I am an just a lowly Pastor-Astrologer-Goddess-Diva.
    Not God.

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