NASCAR ~ Ryan Newman and The Uppity Bastard

I kind of like that title, although I do believe that the word “Uppity” should be reserved for Pastor-Goddess-Diva’s. But… oh well.

To each his own.

Ryan Newman is news again. I refuse to give any attention to this “Where he is going to go? Oh! It must be Stewart-Haas Racing” until I hear it from his or better yet, Krissie’s mouth. So there.

I did come across a little different take on Ryan here at The Uppity Bastard’s Blog.

He’s entitled to his opinion on poker, I guess.


The Jeff Gordon Foundation Poker Classic at Caesars Palace


  1. Yeah he’s entitled to his opinion, and I’m entitled to mine. I wonder if he will accept my invitation to Eclectic Jammys now that I totally parodied him while tearing him a new one in his comments section. He wants to stereotype? I can do that too.
    Please, if you go there and read it, don’t take offense from what I wrote. It was meant to be a parody of his post. I really don’t believe that about all “liberals.” Not even about most liberals.

  2. dearest COTGO webmaster,
    Thanks you for the views/links to my blog, The Uppity Bastard. Though I am not a NASCAR fan, i applaud your efforts and it looks like your site is doing great in the hits department.

    Dear RevinJim,
    While I also appreciate your support ,I was unable to finish reading your comment. I am simply too busy delegating tasks to my staff of undocumented Mexican caterers for the Barack Obama ’08 fundraiser I am hosting tonight in my Hollywood mansion. If you are interested in obtaining some Uppity Bastard merchandise, please send an email with your address and phone number to our web site, I will gladly send you a free UB logo T Shirt, a 6-pack of Miller Genuine Draft and a extra large bag of Pork Rinds. Hope the Indy 8000 goes well this year!

    with regards,

    The Almighty Uppity Bastard

  3. Well, Rev, I am glad to hear that because…well, I am one of those damn Libs.

  4. I am thinking about publically chastizing you into repentance at The Church Tabernacle.
    You know how scary that can get.

  5. you’re invited to the party. it starts in 20 mins. wear something sparkly. I’ll be waiting out front in a purple tuxedo with a carnation in my hair.

  6. Purple is my favorite color. Carnations are my favorite flower.
    Dang….I missed it!
    It might have been kismet.

  7. If I wasn’t a Libertarian who believes that the real powerto change things is in the individual and not in any government, I would probably be a conservative or a liberal who believes that everybody should behave as the stereotypes portray them. I just can’t conform.

  8. I like that uppity bastard guy, he’s funny.

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