NASCAR Astro-Predictions ~ Richmond

Tricky little scopes this week.

Clint Boyer, born 30 May 1979
Clint has a lot of Venus in his ‘scope today, which normally affects ones love life and feelings of contentment in life. All of the aspects are positive through out the evening.
Clint’s Moon is sextile Pluto, which means profound encounters,setting extreme objectives and becoming so obsessed with the goal that a one track mind and compulsive behavior results. This influence is a psychological energy that in most shows an area that controls ones life. On the positive, this is not a bad aspect for a NASCAR driver to have during a very important race.

Kasey Kahne, born 10 April 1980
Moon Trine Med.Coeli will bring balanced needs and not as much tension as usual. There is less of the feeling that two sides of Kasey are struggling for mastery over the whole. His moon sextile his Moon will also bring about deep feelings. Moon square Saturn usually brings on a feeling of fleeting but deep depression. Normally it would be a good time to avoid being involved in any emotionally delicate situation. *Note : I am usually way off on Kasey’s scope, meaning I need his exact birth time to be more accurate. Hopefully this will be another of those days.

David Ragan, born 24 December 1985
Mars Sextile Mercury makes the day an excellent day for all kinds of mental work and good communication with others, especially if one has to plan a future course of action with decisiveness and firmness. The rest of David’s aspect’s are a little dismal.

One of Denny Hamlin’s aspects has a strange ring to it…
Sun Trine Chiron:
There are wounds that do not heal with time. Instead they start hurting again given certain “weather conditions”. If this occurs, subconsciously we will withdraw into ourselves in interpersonal situations, or be oversensitive and react in a hurt manner without apparent reason – or we ourselves become particularly hurtful, without actually wanting to. However, if the weather is fair, as it is now, you have the opportunity to bring these painful things to light – preferably during a personal conversation with someone who is close to you. Looking into painful experiences in this way can make you freer in your behavior, your close relationships and your relation with your body. It can also prevent you from hurting others.


I don’t see too many surprises today in the other driver’s outlooks. Jimmie Johnson’s scope is near perfect.

So…Tally Ho.
See ya later. I can’t wait to show you the long term aspect’s for the Driver’s who make The Chase. (Yes…I have peeked:)



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