NASCAR 2008 ~ 6 Month Astro-Predictions ~ Matt Kenseth

MAtt Kenseth 2003 Winston Cup Champion
Matt Kenseth 2003 Winston Cup Champion

I will be doing the 6 month outlooks for each of the Chase contenders over the next few days.
Let’s start with the #12 seed, Matt Kenseth.

Matt has, in effect until the end Nov. 2oo9, Pluto Square Pluto.

This is usually a period of regeneration. The influence is associated with forces for change. As changes come about, look carefully at each, and choose to divide and conquer into what you need and what you do not need. Learn from this aspect and influence. It is hear for you to grow from. You may see some power struggles in this area, with people who do not want you to change, and/or shake up the barrel.

Matt Jupiter is in conjunction with his Descendent until mid Sept.

This is all about mutual growth within relationships. Try to create relationships with people who will be supportive in your goals and dreams. New partnerships may come into being during this time,and it is a very good time to sign contracts of any sort.
Now thru mid Nov. will be an extremely positive time. You realize now how your past has contributed to your present, so suround your self with the things that inspire you from the past. Get out your Championship pictures, trophy, and any other sentimental things from your Championship year, and surround yourself with them, wherever you go.

Remember this Matt? Visualize!

Remember this Matt? Visualize!

The only negative side of this influence is in regard to your nutrition. Eat healthy, drink lots of water and avoid all foods that are not strictly for health. Your body will want to tend to be sluggish during this time, therefore creating a sluggish mind if allowed. Try to aviod all fatty foods at this time, because they especially will affect you more than normal.

A new course is the theme of Uranus conjunction Matt’s Sun, in effect through mid Feb. 2009.

This is an extremely significant and intensive influence.
This influence can clear away all limitations. It can bring a bit of unpredictability, wildness, and chaos, but that is not a bad thing for a NASCAR Driver. Use this to create fast reflexes and response, aggression, and strategy. You will not be patient with restrictions at this time, which can also be used for the good where The Chase is concerned.

Matt’s Saturn is conjunct his IC, which also means this is a very important time.

What you do now, sets the tone for what you will do in the years to come. From here on, you will use each of the steps you create now as a stair step and gradual climbing to the most important time in your life.
The only small negative in all of this is Saturn opposition Saturn thru Aug.2009

The influence could create a feeling of discouragement on occasion. Remember that all the other aspects in your life minimize how this influence affects you. I wouldn’t even worry about it. When you know this aspect is here, it is easy to deal with. Just turn that frown right upside and Chase that frown away!
You are on your way up again. The future depends upon the foundation that you lay now.

Matt Kenseth’s Astrological outlook for The Chase could not be much better!

Next up: Kevin Harvick



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