Robby Gordon ~ SCORE Baja 1000 Off-Road Endurance Race UPDATE

Baja 100 update from Robby

4:47pm (PST) Robby and Andy Grider stopped at RM 190 for the first scheduled Fuel Stop, everything looked good and the truck is still running strong.

Remember you can watch live Baja 1000 tracking here at 2008 SCORE Baja

An alternate Live Tracking  site ( I keep both open)  where you can actually follow Robby and Andy and the truck and see exactly where they are is here…  Robby and Andy are driving #77. B.J. Baldwin, in the #97 car, seems to be a bit behind.

One of the best sites to follow the race on is Baja Racing News LIVE!! .  With lot of links, andyou can follow him and what’s going on live in the race on his Twitter column on the blog. He also has some links to some web cams that are awesome. He is doing a great job covering the Baja 1000. Great shout’s and kudos to him! For instance it was great to know that Robby got stuck in the mud as it happened. “BAJA RACING NEWS.COM LIVE is  from Baja California, Mexico. It features BAJA RACECASTS & NEWS. Claims to be The#1 Internet Source of Baja racing info, online & real-time race results LIVE!”. So far, I agree. It is the #1 spot as far as information.

You can also listen to live race coverage on Internet radio (in English or Spanish) at Mexican Radio.

If any of you also have additional sites that cover the race well, please let me know. You share I will share:)

So…. the clock is ticking!



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