Do these scare you like they do me?


It’s a little late for Halloween…but these pictures from the NNWS Awards Banquet feel a little dark and foreboding to me.

Compare the pictures with these:

magician-alex-moffit Magician Alex Moffit

magician-mandrini Mandrini!!

NASCAR Nationwide Banquet

Clint Bowyer ~ Power Champ

NASCAR Nationwide Banquet

Kyle Busch ~ The Magic Schrub

NASCAR Nationwide Banquet

Brad Keselowski ~ Meanin' Biz ~ Get out of his way.

Congrats on the great job they all did this season. NNWS was way more exciting to watch this year than the Cup Championship was. Everyone of these driver’s gave it all.
They were driven, determined. focused…and intimidating.
 What I really want to know is?

They look scary…I think they are scary…


Artist paints mini life like celebrity dolls

What did they do to Jeff Gordon??!!









  1. How old is this pic. of Jeff

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog.
    The picture of Jeff isn’t actually a picture of him personally, but a picture of the Jeff Gordon collectible doll. The doll was created by artist Noel Cruz, who is based in Hollywood and paints the faces of celebs onto ordinary dolls. It takes him 3-5 days to create each doll, which is one of a kind and then he sells them on Ebay.
    You can find his creations by searching for his name on Ebay.

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