Rusty Wallace Needs a Dirty Pair of Socks for Christmas

So he can stuff them in his mouth.

What needs to go in Rusty Wallaces mouth...
What needs to go in Rusty Wallace’s mouth…

Let’s see….
55 wins, 1 championship, 2 seconds

In 1989, he won 6 of 29 races.
In 1993, he won 10 of 30 races.
In 1994, he won 8 of 31 races.

Rusty Wallace may not have been the greatest, but he was pretty darn good.

That certainly gives him credibility to analyze the racing circuit. It’s just too bad he doesn’t have a little more savoir faire.
Jr. was voted, once again, Chex Most Popular Driver.
I think Rusty’s ego can’t handle that.
He could have waited until next week to make his comments.

It must be nice to be paid to run your mouth instead of race with the new Big Boys.

I am looking for employment in that area if anyone is interested.

The paid to run your mouth career, I mean.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer.


1 Comment

  1. Well, not knowing what you consider base pay for a mouth runner I can only offer what is a uneducated guess. Or as it’s called in the Navy a SWAG (Surface Warfare Wild-assed Guess)

    How’s about a buck an hour, or copious amounts of praise? Which ever comes out the smaller figure.

    Or I could get you one of these.

    But you might be better off with the praise.

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