Whiskey River flows into Cocaine Creek



It’s a bar…what do you expect?

 Isn’t that what happens in Big, Famous, Celebrity Owned  A-list Establishments?

dale-jr-whiskey-riverRead more here…

( There is a funny little ditty on Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon’s petty little issues too.)

Now, I am pretty positive that Jr. didn’t know that one of his employee’s was running his own little biz at the establishment. He wouldn’t take the chance on that gaining that kind of publicity or ruin the great thing he has going on with his own expanding branding. I am pretty sure Jr. didn’t hand pick all his employees, and I am also sure that if drug testing wasn’t a part of the screening process, it will be now, along with random drug testing. 

The bouncer, one scumbag who didn’t realize how lucky he was to have a job in a bar owned by NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver, obviously had no respect for his boss or anyone else. Anthony Ortega Rodriguez, 28, was nailed carrying 12 bags with 15 grams of cocaine. The report  does not state if that was 15 grams in each bag or 15 grams total. Responding to complaints of drug use and selling at the bar, Charlotte police undercover agents busted the guys butt.

Anthony Ortega Rodriguez
Photo Credit: NEWS 14 CAROLINA

I would be really, really afraid of the Jr. Nation if I were him.

Jail might be the better place.




  1. […] Whiskey River flows into Cocaine Creek […]

  2. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/rnr/950018452.html

  3. The previous comment has a link to a Rant and Rave on Charlotte’s Craig’s List. It was interesting enough that I felt I would publish it in full here, in case some of you thought it was perhaps a spam link. It’s not.

    Here it is in all it’s glory:

    i tell u what i saw on the news the guy got arrested selling coke in whiskey river i tell u waht dale jr made a huge mistake he is bed with BMG. the same guys that own bar charlotte suite and blackfinn. i dated a girl who works for them i had to pick her up all the time 7 in the morn she was doing coke with the owners and drinkin all those guys are full of shit! They say we have a zero tolerance policy yeah right! why dont junior test those guys before they take something he would be surprised!
    Jrs a good man he is going to regret getting in bed with these guys soon enough, they dont care about him they just making money hurting his name!
    dale sr. would not have it!

    jr. rocks

  4. The fact is JR new the guys he was getting involved with. In the article I read, the president of Bar Management said they have a zero drug Tolerance, but the guy who said it is a coke head himself. If you look back at the articles printed about Whisky River, JR says he was very involved with all the aspects of the club. He got into bed with some bad people. You reap what you sow, JR.

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