NASCAR Tales of The Idiots

In Honor of Robby Gordon and The Upcoming Dakar Rally, I am reposting this….  Plus I am  celebrating the end of some really bad aspects… I have Astrologically came out of my “Bad Luck” phase. Officially on Dec. 12th.  It’s odd, the aspect came into my life just prior to my ankle issue and a lot of  crap has happened since. So Hurray!! It’s OVER!! Wahoo!!

2009 is going to be great!! I have nothing but great aspects now that last for years! YAY!!

Sept. 1st, 2006

I am not in Fontana as I had an accidental change of plans for the next few months on Aug. 24, while celebrating my daughter’s birthday with a couple of Margarita’s and my friend Linda. I decided to pretend I was Robby Gordon in Baja…or running the Dakar Rally without the terrorists.

Linda and I did some slightly spontaneous creative engineering on my utility wagon ( looks like a child’s wagon but BIG, usually used for odd jobs and yard work. I haul buckets of dirt and water with it, to wash gold out of the dirt). We decided to make it into a combination off road Hummer and half assed, half- luge.

The hill we were on was perfect for a good run. The first run went very well. I drove the 1/2 mile track with 2 turns and didn’t dump Linda end over end until we crossed the finish line. We hauled it back up the hill…Linda drive the second round ( I told her her name was Andy) and we were able to move the finish line another 500 Ft. We hauled it back up the hill again…a little higher…a little further…Adrenaline pumping…Ready for the next go round. We decided to alter the track course a bit. We now, being “experienced driver’s with another tequila backed confidence booster cheering us on”.( I think I had taken a Vicoden too for a head ache I had earlier). We flew down the hill…Through the first turn with flawless finesse. Then just as we were heading into turn 2, there was a caution flag for debris out. We narrowly missed the boulder in our path and careened out of control into the wall…Which was actually the side of a cabin. Flipped in the air and rolled with the wagon, myself, and Linda pinning my leg between us and another very large rock. The crack the crowds heard in the stands was my leg and ankle. The crowd rushed in to help us and remove the debris from on top of us. They lifted Linda from the wagon. Shift. Another crack. Moved my Self and the wagon back from the rock and crack again as my leg was untangled from the carnage. The safety crew jammed me down Burnt River Canyon 40 miles to the nearest hospital in Baker City OR. The Baker City OR Doctors said “Ooooh. This is very bad. We can’t help you here. Doped me up and wanted to send me by ambulance the 200 mile trip to Boise. I said, ” No thanks! We will drive and save the ambulance bill:)”. Had surgery the morning of the 26th. Now I am home and not in Fontana as planned. Crud. I wanted to drive down anyway but the Doc’s said “Nope. No way.”  broken-ankle-2broken-ankle-1
Needless to say… I should have read my ‘scope that day.

Clance McClannahan
born Jan 29, 1958 in Twin Falls ID
Aug. 24,2006

Sun Conjunction Pluto
activity period from 23 August 2006 to 25 August 2006

Repair works *
You may be concerned today with repairing something that has broken down, such as an automobile or an appliance. Or you may have to deal with a situation that has broken down to the point that it must change radically in order to continue, even along completely new lines. You may have to contend with a person who is trying to exert unreasonable power over you today, forcing you to defend your right to do things your way. The person may feel that he or she is doing this for your own good, but that is not usually the case. Avoid contact with criminals and do not go into areas where you are likely to encounter street crime. Under this influence it is just possible that you might have an unfortunate encounter.

Yup…I should have read it. Said humbly in hindsight.

Good News!! The newest Grandbaby was born 8/31 @ 2:00 AM. Chase Patrick came into our world weighing 7 lbs. 14 oz. 20 inches long. Healthy, beautiful and another little redhead like his Grama. That’s makes 4 little red headed grandbabies out of seven. Pretty good genes I say!! Welcome Little Angel!

Chase born just before The Chase! How appropriate. Mom is a Kevin Harvick fan. I am surprised Kevin isn’t his middle name.

As above so Below.  See ya again soon. I think I will knock myself out with pain pills for a few more days. The docs change the cast again on Tues. They anticipate I won’t be walking again for 8 months.


Onward LugNutZ!! Tally Ho!!

P.S.** It was only 6 months before I was walking. Not pretty to look at but walking. I’ve barely a limp anymore.



  1. Girl, got to be careful with that liquid courage! How long are you down? Hope you heal up soon and enjoy the good drugs.

  2. god bless you Clance. Hope ya feel better. Margaritas??? Where’s the Budweiser??? Jeeez Louise… LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOOL LOL LOL !!! I’m sorry, the race was tooo funn-E. Your pain isn’t, but the visual in my head sure is. Remember now, don’t mix the pain killers with the liquid “medicine”(NO MARAGARITAS!!!). Wifey says hope you get better soon and so do I!!! That way when I think of what happened to you I can laugh without guilt. Luv ya Dawg

  3. jose ‘were’ a friend of mine…damn girl…you’re nuts…cracked me up…goofy grandma’s ride again…you’re my new hero…take care and get well…

  4. Wow, I didn’t think anyone else could break their ankle as bad as I broke mine a few years back. I was in a cast for 4 months and 1 day. I wasn’t allowed to play sports again for 20 months after I got the cast off, and let me tell you it wasn’t a pretty sight watching me play sports again at first.

    Good luck, and I wish you a speedy recovery. Somebody should have taken the keys away from you, lol.

  5. OUCH!!! Sorry to hear about your mishap Clance. I guess this is why they don’t recommend drinking and driving. . . Sorry had to go there.

    The same is true for water skiing. I broke 3 ribs and my left wrist about 20 years ago after lubricating liberally with beer and then attempting to “beach” myself at the end of a slalom run. Overshot my target by about 15 ft and hit a dock. . . Haven’t skied since LOL!!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. OUCH! Damn girl! I’m so sorry about your crash and burn. Feel better soon gf!

  7. Shame on Me!!! I didn’t see the note about the new grandson. . . Congrats!!!! Grandma is obviously very proud. . . As she should be. . .

    Welcome Chase Patrick!!!

    I love that name!!!

    Double HUGGSS!!

  8. I forgot about the younger alien, I was hoping he who shall not be named would have engine trouble on lap 2 and not make it. Maybe you should put his items on ebay now. 🙂

  9. Ouch!

    Get well sooner, young lady.

  10. I didn’t get to here sooner. I hope you’re getting better. At least your tragic accident was doing something you loved. You are on my “Brave Heroes Making A Recovery” list along with Ernie Irvin. In fact, you could name your autobiography No Fear Here, Either
    I have to take Smoke’s not making the chase philosophically. If that means crying in a lot of beer for the next ten weeks, then so be it.

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