2009 Dakar Rally Stage 3 Update ~ Gordon 9th Overall!


Stage 2 camp (Ramses photo)

Stage 2 camp (Ramses photo)

Well, I must say this morning was a little difficult. Not for Robby necessarily, but for those of us trying to track him. Dakar.com had issues with the tracker today and we played “Where in the World is Robby Gordon?”  for hours. Robby seemed to have disappeared after KM 196.  

Was it a problem that needed a wrench? Was he lost? What had happened? Had he gone the way of his Team Mate?  

Eric Vigneroux  stopped just 2km after today’s special stage start. France’s Vigouroux, team mate of Robby Gordon, and driver of the Hummer 2, suffered an engine breakdown on his Vangaurd Hummer. Where were Robby and Andy?

Well, he was ON THE GAS of course!

Well, he was ON THE GAS of course!



Turns out there was a tracking problem at Dakar.com thank goodness.

Qatari Nasser Al-Attiyah (BMW)  followed by Spain’s Carlos Saintz (VW), Dieter Depping (VW), Giniel DeVilliers (VW), and France’s  Stephane Peterhansel (Mitsubishi) were the first five to finish the stage.

Robby Gordon took 10th in the stage and moved up a spot to 9th overall. 34 minutes behind!

More details as the day goes on!

In the meantime catch of on Team Dakar USA’s daily activities at Ramses Rally Journal here…

Congrats again Robby and Andy!

After Stage 2

After Stage 2



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