2009 Dakar Rally ~ Sad News ~ Pascal Terry found Dead.



Pacal Terry - AP Photo

Pascal Terry AP Photo







Special press release from Dakar.com

It is with great sadness that the organization has been informed that rider Pascal Terry (192), 49 years old, has been found dead in the night of January 6th to 7th at 2:10 AM.

The biker was in a very hard-to-reach area in the middle of very dense bush-like vegetation 15m from his bike. He had taken his helmet off and had sought shade; he had food and water by him. 

The Las Pampas Province police and authorities will now carry out the necessary legal investigation in order to determine the causes of the biker’s death.


From SportingLife.com

French motorcyclist Pascal Terry died of a lung edema which caused a respiratory and cardiac arrest according to an autopsy.

Terry was found dead early yesterday morning after going missing during the second stage of the Dakar Rally on Sunday.

The 49-year-old had informed race control his Yamaha had run out of petrol at the 197-kilometre mark between Santa Rosa and Puerto Madrid but later could not be contacted by organisers.

According to the official report, he showed no signs of bruising nor dehydration and had died sometime between Sunday night and early Monday morning, just a few hours after his disappearance.

“He had taken out his helmet, he had food and water with him and had no signs of bruises, nor his bike,” said local police spokesman Julio Acosta.

“We guess he got lost then he suffered some kind of health problem and he died waiting for the assistance.”

Despite the fact Terry had not been in contact with the organisers since Sunday afternoon, police said they were only informed about his disappearance on Monday night.

The reason for this delay is still unclear and is yet to be clarified by the race organisers.

Argentina newspaper Clarin reported on their website that there was a communication problem between the organisers.

“Apparently Terry turned on his emergency beacon on Sunday afternoon, and that information was received at the Paris headquarters but they didn’t inform the Argentina crew until Monday morning,” it claimed.


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  1. It’s hard to imagine sitting out there all alone dieing in the vegetation. Hopefully communication will improve for future rallies.

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