2009 Update ~ Robby Gordon

The third to start this morning, Robby Gordon got stuck against a rock when crossing a dried river bed after 49 km of the day’s special stage. The American was able to resume after a few minutes, but Spaniard Nani Roma (Mitsubishi) was able to catch up and overtake him as a result.

Right now as it stands Carlos Sainz has crossed at KM 248. Robby was approx. 9’32” at 180. Hopefully he has made up some time. Dieter Depping has been having a fantastic day, head to head with Sainz all morning.

Mark Miller gas passed up Depping at 248 with Roma right behind. 

This stage gas been remakably suspenseful, wiating for the Monster Hummer to show up as the Dakar Tracking ststem refreshes itself…the last to cross has been De Villiers at 7’59”. 

I am playing “Where in the World is Robby Gordon?” again. The next part of the stage is Arrival (finish) and that should go fast.

Chitcherit in the Beemer has now crossed 11’10” behind the leader. Not looking good right now for the Hummer.

Robby just crossed 248 at 19’59”. Running 7th in the stage right now unofficially. Perhaps he can make up some time and move up a bit.

More soon…


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