2009 Dakar ~ 1 Rabbit Down, 2 to go! Robby Gordon 3rd in Stage~3rd Overall!


The Monster is on the hunt…and in tracker’s mode.  Carlos Sainz is officially out of the race. (Sorry…Yippity Skippity!) Really. I am sorry his navigator broke his shoulder when Sainz goofed up.**and yesterday Sainz thought he had it wrapped up…(sarcastic smirk on my face.)

“Carlos Sainz will not be the winner of the 2009 Dakar. On km 79 of today’s special stage, he drove his Race Touareg slap straight into a dried-out rio, and ended up on the roof three meters lower. Michel Périn got out of car 301 with a broken shoulder. The consultation of the doctor rushed to the scene put an end to the anxiety of the Spaniard who still thought he would be able to keep driving: this is where the race stops for him. ” Dakar.com…

Robby was 3rd in today’s stage and Sainz’s little mishap brings him into 3rd overall. Only a few days left…and Robby and Andy’s scope’s are awesome for the rest of the race.

I really hope that Michel Périn gets feeling better soon and am very glad no one was killed (literally).

I am off to take a look at the other Wabbit’s (VW’s) scope’s for the rest of the race.

Congrats to Team Dakar USA,

Robby Gordon and Andy Grider

for a fine day’s work 

and a whole lot of luck!


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