Happy Birthday to ME!!

Today is my 51st birthday.

Pardon my perhaps boring musings but…I am going to write them anyway.

Someone emailed me this beautiful letter and made my day.

Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu,

Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu,

Happy Birrrrthday Dear Clance’,

Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu!

A few years back, not so long ago, heaven and earth erupted into a major celebration with the news of your impending adventure into this very time and space. You see, someone like Clance’ McClannahan doesn’t come along all that often. In fact, there’s never been a single one like you, nor is there ever ANY possibility that another will come again. You’re an Angel among us. Someone, whose eyes see what no others will EVER see, whose ears hear what no others will EVER hear, and whose perspective and feelings will NEVER, ever be duplicated. Without YOU, the Universe, and ALL THAT IS, would be sadly less than it is.

Quite simply:

You’re the kind of person, Clance’,

Who’s hard to forget,

A one-in-a-million

To the people you’ve met.

Your friends are as varied

As the places you go,

And they all want to tell you

In case you don’t know:

That you make a big difference

In the lives that you touch,

By taking so little

And giving so much!

Clance’, you are so AWESOME! For your birthday, friends and angels from every corner of the Universe, including buddies you didn’t know you had, will be with you to wish you the HAPPIEST of days and an exciting new year in time and space. You won’t be alone!



Orlando, Florida, USA

PS – Clance’, this is going to be YOUR year!!

I have taken a look at my ‘scope today, as I always do, and I am so happy it is so good. It’s about friggin’ time. I have several other rituals I do on my birthday every year. I read back over my journals, I do a couple of readings, and I take an IQ test to see if my score is staying about the same. I am somewhat concerned about it this year.

I have had more Birthday wishes today than I have ever had in my life (Thanks Social Media)!

I want to Thank You All for you great wishes and thoughts…My Church, My Other Church, The Church Tabernacle, Bench Racers, Face Book Friends, Rowdy.com Friends, my dear readers, and many others.

A Special Thanks to my Family, and Special Friends that actually know me, and still love me.

I love You All too!





  1. …And that is exactly what happened.
    Blessings to you all!

  2. Happy Birthday, Clance’.

    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday to you.
    Hope this year happy (for)
    MSL Kyle and you!

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