NASCAR Fantasy Racing For Dummie’s at

onpitrowchamps-chumps-sleepers-300-250While I get my blog moved over to my new website

and won’t be posting for a couple of days

Do This!

NASCAR fantasy racing for dummies.

I like that.

I might be able to figure it out.

 Well, it’s back.

They call the new game One and Done, the NASCAR  fantasy racing game from ON PIT ROW and

The game is a new, upgraded, fancified version that’s fun and easy to use. There is stats and commentary. A weekly newsletter will recap the results and preview the upcoming race. We’ll laugh at Steve. And Charlie. Maybe we will even laugh at ourselves.

If you like your fantasy NASCAR simple – if you want your fantasy racing picks to be easy, One and Done NASCAR Fantasy Racing is the game for you. It truly is, NASCAR fantasy racing for dummies. No offense.

Pick one driver, every week – but choose wisely Obi Wan, you can only use a driver once – and that’s it. Get it right often enough, and you will be rewarded with terrific prizes.

They will run three games. Two 13 week segments and then the Chase for the One and Done Cup.

The winners of each segment will get a fantastic Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure package. And the first ten finishers in each segment will win a prize package from Details to follow.

So play One and Done fantasy NASCAR. Tell your friends and co-workers to play too. This is the perfect, NASCAR trash talkin’, water cooler braggin’, Monday morning conversation starter. It takes about 30 seconds to sign up. Tell your friends. It’s fun. Charlie wouldn’t lie to you. Steve ? (Figure that one out for yourself:).

SO… go join…I dare you to beat me. 


Listen to ON PIT ROW

– The Fastest Two Hours on Radio –

Tuesdays from 5-7pm ET –

streaming live at

And check out

Bench Racing with Steve and Charlie

and the Fast Lap blogs while you’re there.

Tuesday’s show brought Seven questions to The Die Cast Dude, Jerry Wilson.

The Dude was a busy boy yesterday…more on that later.

Hurry up. Cyber-RUN!

Go sign up for The Game for Us Dummie’s!

The Bud Shoot Out!

Race Time!

Let’s go Racin’ BoyZ, GirlZ and LugNutZ!



  1. Hey Clance’ thanks for the great post about the new game and the link to the DieCast Dudess’s interview. You are the best. But I’m bettin’ I’ll out dummy you in the game.

  2. Bet you don’t.

  3. […] had a chance to try their hand at running a fantasy team of their own. That’s why this is so awesome, which Church of the Great Oval calls ‘Fantasy Racing for […]

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